Sunday, February 15, 2009

Morton off to Sydney

South Hobart coach Ken Morton will be in Sydney until Wednesday attending a coaching conference.

TIS head coach Dean May will also attend this annual conference conducted by the FFA.

National coach Pim Verbeek will be one of the presenters.

Morton will also be meeting Francis Awaritefe with a view to strengthening contacts between Morton's Soccer Schools and the Johnny Warren Foundation and Academy.

* * * * *

The Igor saga continues.

Glenorchy Knights are in the dark about the Brazilian midfielder's plans.

South Hobart, on the other hand, claim he was down to play for them on Saturday against New Town Eagles in the Summer Cup but could not get a flight from Brisbane in time.

Officials said that he would be playing for South Hobart against Launceston City in today's Steve Hudson Cup match in Launceston.

Knights officials viewed this news with some consternation as he has an agreement with Vikings Futsal, who brought him here from Brazil, that he will play for the Knights.

* * * * *

The attendance at South Hobart yesterday was excellent for the opening day of the Summer Cup competition.

A minute's silence was observed before the start of the first match in memory of the victims of the Victorian bushfires.

The pitch was, unfortunately, not looking as good as it usually does.

The area in front of the old grandstand looked the worse for wear, with large patches of bare ground or ground with minimum grass cover.

Usually, at this time of the year. the South Hobart pitch is looking like the old Wembley.

And, a dispute about South Hobart as a home ground is looming.

Hobart Olympic are, apparently, scheduled to play some home games there, and South Hobart are not too impressed at having to share the facility with another club.


Anonymous said...

Igor has moved to Brazil... i think its time everyone just let him be...

Anonymous said...

Sorry i meant queensland

Anonymous said...

Wasnt there supposed to be a rule being introduced about all senior teams having a home ground? What happened to Athletic's Centre?

Anonymous said...

If that is the case What happens with Zebras, Knights and Olympic none have home grounds.
Absolute disgrace.
But i bet you they are allowed to continue playing while scabbing of FFT

Anonymous said...

Who is scabbing of FFT? The ground is owned by Glenochy Council just like Wentworth Park, South Hobart are owned by their respective council.
Regardless of FFT benchmarks and skidmarks, KGV is the best ground, should be utilised much more.
Good move by FFT to have more games there, they get bar takings plus kiosk rent.

Mount Wellington said...

I am pretty sure all those clubs that have their own facilities that have to be maintained sometimes at a cost to club would probably agree that those two teams playing at KGV have it fairly easy.
If you reckon that it should be used more, then every club should have a home game there on a friday night and share it around.
And the last few years if they od play a game there on friday night, they dont play there again for the weekend? where would that leave Knights and Zebras? without a ground?
I think you will find that FFT are actually the lease holders on the ground so by that basis its FFT Home ground and not the Knights or Zebras home ground and that means they dont meet the benchmark. FFT are only letting Zebras and Knights play there because they cant get home ground else where.

Anonymous said...

Mt Wellington (and others), a check of the FFT benchmark criteria would show that clubs only have to "arrange for an adequate home ground with facilities that include
home team and visitor player change rooms and referee rooms." Whether that ground is owned by the club, leased off a council or leased off FFT is irrelevant, as long as they play at a ground that meets that criteria. When people carry on about Zebras and Knights not meeting the criteria because they don't have their own home ground they clearly don't know what they are talking about. Surely if FFT didn't let Knights or Zebras play there simply because it was "FFT's ground" they would be more open to criticism than by letting the clubs play there and utilise a good facility.

Anonymous said...

So based on that, How were Taroona able to compete at PL level for the last two years. FFT make the rules and can in turn interperet them any way they seem fit.This has enabled Olympic to have two home grounds KGV and Sth Hobart which apparently Sth are not happy about(tough) . Until FFT enforce the criteria as it is written ...stop complaining!!!!

i am fine said...

If south hobart and olympic share south hobart ground who will run the canteen. As i would have thought South Hobart would have a lease as this helps with the cost of running any club and every little bit helps.

Mount Wellington said...

Is there any truth in the rumor that Knights are bringing a couple of more guys from Brazil out to play, Heard that it is the same sort of deal as Igor's through the Futsal
Would be good to see a few more clubs bring in some imports as it adds a different dimension to the sport in Tasmania that other sports can not achieve.

Walter said...

Mount Wellington

I believe they would like to and negotiations are underway, but nothing has been finalised as yet.

Anonymous said...

I reckon they'd be a large fee attached to the ground. Probably several hundred per game??