Saturday, February 28, 2009

Preliminary Results

Summer Cup (Premier League Section)

Glenorchy Knights 1-0 Kingborough Lions United
Tilford Zebras 6-0 New Town Eagles

[Clarence United to meet Tilford Zebras in the final on 9 March.]

Reserve Summer Cup

Kingborough Lions United 3-1 Glenorchy Knights
Clarence United 3-0 University
Tilford Zebras 2-0 New Town Eagles
South Hobart 1-2 Hobart Olympic

Division One Summer Cup

Taroona 1-1 Nelson
(Taroona won penalty shoot-out 4-2)

Beachside 2-1 New Town Eagles
Hobart United 0-2 DOSA Northern Suburbs
Christian United 0-4 Metro

North-West Summer Cup

Devonport City 3-1 Ulverstone
Somerset 5-2 Burnie United


Anonymous said...

did beachside have a full side against Eagles?
2-1 thought they may've won by more???

Anonymous said...

I believe it was a goalkeeping masterclass from the Eagles keeper that kept them in it

Anonymous said...

The new Eagles kepper was a big signing for them this year. It's a shame they didnt get him a year earlier or they would have take out the title. I cant see them challenging this time but will upset the big sides.

Anonymous said...

who are the teams in the div 1 comp this year?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Beachside must have had blokes out. Their full side would have won by 6 goals.

P**S Ant Town said...

eagles wont challenge as they are not allowed in the division 1 competition.

Anonymous said...

Dv 1 likely to be:

Hobart United

Anonymous said...

Shame Lions, Eagles, South, competitive teams in the past in this Div wont be around. Will make for a great Div 2. Lookout for Nelson as a dark horse. Well organised.

Anonymous said...

I thought nominations closed Last Friday for Div 1, how can they be "LIKELY"????
Why are FFT yet to release that info......... Oh sorry it's FFT

YFC said...

Do all those likely division 1 clubs meet the criteria, i reckon if they dont then metro, taroona and the others that do may well be asking FFT for answers.

Anonymous said...

Beachside were at full strength it was the Eagles that were missing some of their stars. Beachside's best player looks as fit as ever... I think they call him EGO

Van djik said...

Beachside were without Jason Szoka in centre midfield.

Anonymous said...


- most certainly do

- the one that might not may apply for dispensation providing they indicate what steps they are taking to become compliant with the benchmark.

- 8 teams in Seniors and Reserves, with 7 in Div 1 U19's is better that 7 across all three divisions.

YFC said...

Kingston Cannons cant field two teams in the summer cup so how will they field three for the season?
I dont think Dosa are far behind?

Anonymous said...

No Kingston Cannons in Div One this Year.
7 teams only for 2009

looks lika a BYE every week

Anonymous said...

Who is the Eagles Keeper this year?

Dingledoog said...

Liam Donohue is the keeper, Huon Valley Div 1 Keeper from last Season.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumour that Metro have signed 3 imports from Scotland.
Anyone want to confirm that rumour for us?

Anonymous said...

I also heard that metro have signed three scottish boys.
All have played professionaly in scotland and england.
also heard that they are on the verge of signing an ex national league player, and are in negotiation to play in the victorian premier league next year.
can any confirm this.

Anonymous said...

Metro have signed a few new faces. Brown returning to his former club and scoring upon return. Still more to come back once finished other commitments.

Matt said...

Um did you clowns happen to notice that we (NTE) beat Beachside last year no worries....