Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two southern clubs start with wins in Steve Hudson Cup

Photos (Top to Bottom): Launceston City's Steve Throupe (left) and Northern Rangers' Gabriel Tamms go for the ball; Launceston United coach Mark Egan watches Prospect Knights' Ben Crosswell in attack; Prospect Knights' Nathan Balym in possession against Launceston United: FFT CEO John Boulous (left) and Coaching and Development Manager Kurt Reynolds attended the opening round of Steve Hudson Cup matches today [Photos courtesy of Brendan Lichtendonk]

Steve Hudson Cup holders South Hobart made an auspicious start to the 2011 competition when they downed Riverside Olympic 4-0 at Harley Parade in a Group A match this afternoon.

The goals came from Tom Roach, Kostas Kanakaris, Jim Pennicott and Mizael Linhares Caires.

“For the first 15 or 20 minutes, it was nervy,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton.

“They really fought hard and put us under some pressure, but then we settled on the ball and chances started to come.

“We could have had two or three more in the first half and in the last 25 minutes of the half we had all the possession.

“In the second half, we dominated possession.

“Luke Huigsloot had a good debut. He played over an hour and we’re very happy with that.

“He played really well in midfield. He was nice and exciting and linked in well with Tom Roach.”

Olympia Warriors’ morale will be improved considerably after their 1-0 win in Group B over Ulverstone, the goal coming midway through the first half from Warren Wadawu.

In the other Group B match, Prospect Knights downed Launceston United 2-1.

Matthew Seesay cancelled out United’s opener, while Ben Crosswell, signed last week from Tilford Zebras, hit the winner in stoppage time.

“We started the game well and put them under pressure early and scored after twelve minutes - a deft touch inside the six-yard box to slot the ball home by Thors Niemly,” said Launceston United coach, Mark Egan.

“The game was well balanced and Knights pulled one back on the twenty-six minute mark, and at half time the score line reflected the contest at that stage of the game.

“The second half was a more scrappy affair. The quality football that was on show in the first half evaporated in the midday sun and the game evolved into a more physical encounter with a number of yellow cards being shown.

“As the second half wore on, the Knights mounted some serious pressure on our goal and we lost our shape, but we still managed to look dangerous on the counter.

“And then, Knights scored in ‘Fergie time’, in the 92nd minute. They found the back of the net and that was the winner.

“The lads worked very hard today. Our French import, Alex Rubel, in particular, worked very hard.

“For the last ten minutes, the lads put up a brick wall on the edge of our eighteen-yard box and, unfortunately for us, Knights found a way through.

“The lads are disappointed, but we need to learn from our mistakes, work hard to correct them, and prepare for Ulverstone next Saturday.”

Northern league champions Northern Rangers suffered a shock opening-round defeat, going down 1-0 to the unfancied Launceston City in a Group A match.


Anonymous said...

As a supporter of Prospect Knights it was great to see the boys register a win so early in the year.

Thought the quality of the majority of the games was a bit below par, but that is to be expected at this time of year.

Stayed and watch two very ordinary sides in Hobart Olympic and Ulverstone, both sides will struggle against better opposition.

The best thing to come from that match was when the unit in goals for Olympic called Chris Parr an air traffic controller. Classic

South Hobart cruised past Riverside and they look the goods again.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Olympia and Ulverston put on a horrible display. Endeavour and effort was good, but awareness and distribution was severely lacking. I only stayed for about 2/3 of the Riverside game. Riverside looked like they had a few away, but they were unfit and outclassed. Unfortunately I think South will breeze the comp again. I wish one of our northern teams would come down and win the Southern Summercup!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that any side in any league in the world would struggle against better opposition! LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.14am,

Not true. Man UTD lost to Wolver the other day and Man UTD are easily the superior team.

Riverside had a chance to step up and take it to south. Didn't happen - hence, they struggled.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the second best team in the State is South Hobart reserves

Anonymous said...

walter can you tell me why every time someone critisises clarence or browny you wont post it what was posted last night was just a dissapointed ex player lamenting at the state the club has got itself into not an all out attack on browny .cheers

Anonymous said...

Because if Walter allowed all the criticism's of Clarence and Browny to be published, it would probably break the internet

Anonymous said...

Walter why just a view of the game from the launceston coach? Seems to be a one sided and unfair view from what I witnessed given it was an own goal!