Monday, October 29, 2018

Will new brooms sweep clean?

Photo:  South Hobart's Ken Morton is the only familiar face in the 2019 NPL Tasmania coaching fraternity [PlessPix]

Eight new coaches will be involved in the 2019 NPL Tasmania competition.

South Hobart’s Ken Morton is the only man to retain his job.

Following the withdrawal of Northern Rangers, the 2019 NPL Tasmania competition will have nine teams, thus necessitating a bye each week.

This means there will either be 16 or 24 rounds (probably the latter).

The coaches for 2019 are:

Devonport City:  Rick Coghlan (replacing Chris Gallo)

South Hobart:  Ken Morton

Hobart Zebras:  David Smith  (replacing Gabriel Markaj)

Launceston City:  Peter Sawdon (replacing Jez Kenth)

Olympia Warriors:  Rob Clarke (replacing Dale Itchins)

Kingborough Lions United:  Greg Calvert (replacing Mark Broadbent)

Clarence United:  Warren Burt (replacing Alan Jablonski)

Glenorchy Knights:  James Sherman (replacing Franco Previdi)

Riverside Olympic:  Alex Gaetani (replacing Lynden Prince)

Such a huge turnover of coaches does not augur well for the competition.

Any style of play favoured by a club will go out the window as the new men in charge seek to stamp their mark on their team and the game.

South Hobart and Glenorchy Knights will be the exception.

South Hobart are the epitome of stability going into the 2019 season, with Ken Morton in charge for over a decade, so expect big things from them.

Newly promoted Glenorchy Knights also have a form of stability with James Sherman having been assistant to Franco Previdi last season and so his style will be familiar to the players.

Recruitment of players will also be a key factor, particularly with the coaching changes that have occurred.

If a club can keep most of their players and recruit a few new good players, the new coach’s job will be a lot easier.