Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wednesday night result - 30 September 2020

Photo:  Kingborough's Keenan Douce has South Hobart's Kasper Hallam penned in on the touch-line [PlessPix]

Lakoseljac Cup Quarterfinal replay

South Hobart 5 (B Lakoseljac 7, A Brennan 16, 45+3, K Kemp 25, S Berezansky 80) beat Kingborough Lions United 2 (C Downes 6, J Sammut 70)

South Hobart will now meet Glenorchy Knights in the semi-finals.

The other semi-final is between Olympia Warriors and Launceston City.

[Match report of tonight’s game will be posted later.]

Photo:  South Hobart's Andy Brennan takes on Kingborough's Keenan Douce.  Brennan netted twice in the match while Douce rattled the crossbar with a long-range effort that saw Joel Sammut tap home the rebound. [PlessPix]

South Hobart should again tame the Lions tonight

Photo:  Tonight's venue and opponents will bring back some unpleasant memories for South Hobart's Nick Morton [PlessPix]

Kingborough Lions United have a second crack at making the Lakoseljac Cup semi-finals when they meet South Hobart at 7.30pm at KGV Park in a replay of their quarterfinal.

South Hobart won the original quarterfinal match between the sides 3-1 at South Hobart Oval on 6 September.

But, Football Tasmania ordered a replay after an error was discovered on the South Hobart teamsheet.

And what an error it was.  Tobias Herweynen had been listed as a substitute but started, while Kasper Hallam, who had been listed as a starter was on the bench.

It was purely a clerical error, yet Football Tasmania, in its wisdom, declared the result null and void and ordered a replay.

Surely a fine for South Hobart and the result to stand would have been the proper outcome?

Now we have the situation where Kingborough get a second chance and South Hobart lose home advantage.

It sucks, but having said that, we football fans who love the game can take comfort in the fact that we get to see another game, and in midweek, too.

South Hobart may be without midfielder Kobe Kemp, who went off injured in last Saturday’s 6-3 loss to Olympia Warriors.

His absence would be a huge blow to South Hobart as Kemp is a ball winner and can also be dangerous when pushing forward, and at set-pieces.

South Hobart’s biggest problem is in defence.

Declan Foley is not a defender and he is proving vulnerable at the back.

South Hobart are also squandering chances up front and they’ll have to get these two areas right if they are to win tonight’s replay.

Andy Brennan will have to fire, while the inclusion of Sam Tooze could be an interesting idea.

Nick Morton is in fine form this season and can usually be relied upon for goals.

This is even more remarkable because it was at this very venue on a Wednesday night just over a year ago (28 August 2019) that Morton suffered a badly broken leg in the NPL catch-up game between South Hobart and Kingborough.

It was a horrific injury and it is thanks to the medical skills of today and the physical and mental determination of Morton that he is playing again this season.

Kingborough Lions United are an unpredictable side.  When they show up, they can be dangerous.

They haven’t shown up in recent weeks and have lost their past two games, including a 7-0 hiding at tonight’s venue, KGV Park.

Last Saturday, they lost 3-1 away to reigning league champions Devonport City.

That’s 10 goals conceded and only one scored in the past two games.

They will again miss the suspended Davis Bryan, while everyone must be wondering if midfielder Shane Cartwright will miraculously reappear.

He’s been missing through injury for many weeks and his return would boost Kingborough’s chances.

Central defender Luke Bighin is likely to be another absentee.  He has missed several weeks because of a calf injury.

South Hobart should win, but it should never have got to this.

Photo:  South Hobart will ensure their paper work in regard to who is on the bench and who is starting is correct tonight [PlessPix]

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

George Verrios is the new Olympia Warriors president

Photo:  New Olympia Warriors president, George Verrios [PlessPix]

George Verrios is the new president of Olympia Warriors.

He replaces George Mamacas, who has been president for the past decade.

Photo:  George Verrios (left) with out-going president George Mamacas [PlessPix]

Verrios moved to Hobart from Adelaide in 1982.

He has been on the Board of Olympia Warriors since 2001 and has served as secretary and has been treasurer since 2009.

My favourite moment was the 2015 win over South Melbourne in the NPL quarter-finals,” Verrios said.

“But, it was not just the win, but predicting the score line in a pre-match chat with the South Melbourne president and hierarchy.”

Verrios was the treasurer before his elevation to the presidency but feels that being a Board member made it a dual role.

“My role was a dual role, as it was not only being the treasurer of the Club, but also, as a board member, making the day-to-day decisions on how best to take the club forward and to be something special,” he said.

“It’s special because, firstly, the club's heritage goes back to its humble beginnings from Greek migrants, including my father.

“Secondly, it’s because of what the club has become over its 60 years and that, in some way, my small role in those changes made and the club’s growth makes me proud to be an Olympia FC Warriors member and supporter.”

Photo:  Olympia's committee last year, with George Verrios fourth from left [PlessPix]