Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday results

Photos: New Town Eagles goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford takes a cross ahead of Clarence United's Luke Cripps; Clarence's Ben Parker slides in on Eagles' Jacob Clamp; Clarence's Joseph Stevens goes for a run in midfield and is about to encounter Eagles' Andrew Clark [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

New Town Eagles 3 (E Menzie 56, A McKeown 81, D Cox 83) b Clarence United 0

Kingborough Lions United 2 (M Marchioli, A Davies) lost to Olympia Warriors 3 (B Cronk, B Phillips pen, C Kumpulainen)

Glenorchy Knights 0-1 Tilford Zebras (J Ladic 71)


New Town Eagles 1 (M Fennell) lost to Clarence United 2 (E Tsakiris 2)

Kingborough Lions United 4-0 Olympia Warriors

Glenorchy Knights 2 (N Vavoulas, C Paite) lost to Tilford Zebras 3 (O Bird, S Hall, A Fisher)


New Town Eagles 1-2 Clarence United

Kingborough Lions United 6-1 Olympia Warriors

Glenorchy Knights 2-3 Tilford Zebras

Southern Division One

Metro 4 (Cowen 2, Dawes 2) b Hobart United 3

FFT/Under-15s 3-13 University


Metro 4 (Chaffey 2, Alston, Leek) b Hobart United 2


Metro 1-2 Beachside

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Devonport City 1-3 Burnie United

Somerset 4-3 Launceston United

Ulverstone 0-2 Riverside Olympic

Launceston City 4-5 Northern Rangers


Anonymous said...

Well done Olympia they wanted the win! Referee helped with another substandard display!! How can you give a very soft penalty to Olympia which even surprised their coach! Then not give Kingborough a penalty when their player get flatened by two Olympia players in the box!!
No wonder players, coaches and fans get frustrated!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Olympia today. The plaudits need to come Chris Hey's way and the Committee for sticking to their plan in a difficult year - nearly there!!!

Gabriel Tams said...

Rangers won 5-4 Walter. 1 win and they are champions.

Alan said...

South Division One Result
FFT Under 15 Boys 3
(Ewing, Angus Django
Woolley, Harry
Ochaya, Gift)
University 13
(Blundell, Nigel
Barnard, Miles
Proud, Julian(8)
Mccallum, Rory(2)
Andrews, Michael)

Anonymous said...

looks like George Krambousanos still has some tricks up his sleeves. Browny and Clarence outcoached and outplayed today at Clare St. Eagles deserve finals!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry anon 6:43 but none of these wins have anything to do with Chris Hey. The Olympia team should of finished mid table this year and where they are at the moment is largely down to him

Rumor says said...

clarence in trouble with all their striker out (hamlett overseas, barron injured, dippa injured, crippa out of form! browny has to work some magic to back up state wide cup!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry anon 9.18, but clearly you have no idea! Chris has done a fantastic job. He has stayed committed and focused for the entire year, and finally he has the young and inexperienced team playing competitive football. The future looks bright Olympia. You should be proud!

Anonymous said...

9.18PM Who cares what you say. The Club's in the right direction and your opinion is irrelevant - just make sure ur not at Olympia next year and everyone will be happy, including urself.

6.25PM Olympia had 2 disallowed goals today, which I think should have stood. The penalty they got should have been for hand ball 2 seconds earlier but was eventually given for a push. The one you referred to was probably a bit of luck that has deserted Olympia all year - but the player went down too easily. I think Olympia deserved the win.

Kingborough are a good club and entertained Olympia after the game in great spirit.

Anonymous said...

where olympia are now is down to hard work by the players and coach - 8 points from the last 5 games. Without a doubt the poor early season performances were down to injuries and departures. 6 or 7 weeks ago Walter described Olympia as dysfunctional but the squad is settled all that has turned around now.

The Phoenix said...

On a happy note Walter , Congratulations must go to Ronnie Bolton and his girls . With their 3-0 defeat of Olympic last night they were also able to claim the premiership .
It is truely amazing to see where Ronnie has taken this team , from easy beats 4 years ago to champions today . Well done Ronnie and a senior premiership for Clarence .

Anonymous said...

No wonder players get yellow cards - soft frees or no free, penalty one end for nothing, no penalty for gang jumping the forward. The trouble is these soft yellows are adding up for some players. It is no wonder they question ref's.

Time we reward fers for good games and penlise them for bad games. After all it is the players who have to pay to play!

Anonymous said...

i have seen a ping pong game where more body on body contact was allowed .. Games are worth more than gold atm.. A taroona player watching would have murdered the ref after the soft penalty.. relegated them right there and then... feel sorry for taroona

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 10:22

Well done Olympia on the win. It was good as a young olympia player to watch the boys put in and get a win

Also well done Kingborough, they played really well and the game could have gone either way.

And thanks to the Kingborough team and committee for hosting not only the seniors but the whole Olympia club after the game.

Anonymous said...

anyone know if Beachside will take up promotion?If they did, would Pullen play vs Juve? Would shep keep playing? And if those two retire, how will the beach be competitive?

Anonymous said...

An objective view of the Lions Warriors clash would be that the best side on the day won the game and got the 3 points. We were off our game and a few of us were flat for some reason. They put put 2 goals in the net that were disallowed and had us pegged in our back 1/3 for the first 25 minutes relentlessly. Of both halves. Warriors deserved the win and good luck to them. Today we struggled but when we smash Taroona next week this will prove which team should be relegated to Div one.

Anonymous said...

"Time we reward fers for good games and penlise them for bad games. After all it is the players who have to pay to play!"

What punishment aptly fits the crime? Put them up against a wall and shoot them? Fine them? Suspend them for a week? All very good ways for even more refs to pack it in.

Besides - who would rate them? There would need to be inspectors at every game. And since these inspectors would need to be refs or ex-refs themselves, even less games would actually have refs.

Your solution is wonderful....if this were England and the refs were on large salaries and there were hundreds below them wanting to come up and take their place!

No, the solution is to use the old saying 'if you want a job done right, do it yourself'. You should just become a ref and show them all how it's done. Because personally I don't want to have to keep reffing my team's games because there aren't enough refs.

Anonymous said...

The only player available to Clarence to retain the cup is their reserve coach, he may be over weight but is very capable of setting up and/or scoring big goals in big games. Like him or hate him, he could and would do the job. Maybe he isn't the only recently retired player at clarenc they should recall for the final???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:57 PM
are you talking about scott hadley??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10.22PM, I agree that Olympia put in more to win, But I don't agree the Kingborough player brought down in the box shouldn't have resulted in a penalty! You cant justify two players crunching an opposition player to the ground! As for the disallowed goals just look at the soft yellow cards! The referee was not up to standard and inconsitant!! Thats is the issue!! Goodluck to Olympia for the rest of the season, good to see passion from your fans.

Anonymous said...

Anonoymous at 12.32pm please don't make excuses for poor standard referees! If we had this at AFL or any other code the referee would be dropped down to the give them a message to lift thier game! It's about time that FFT put some time and money into providing quality referees and stop rewarding substandard refereeing. I have seen referees that do a good job and that are consistant! Is that to much to ask for at the top level!!

Anonymous said...

refereeing in this state is a travesty and drives players to give up the game

Anonymous said...

and to condemn a referee as a poor referee on the back of one game is just ridiculous. I'm not making excuses for them, mediocrity cannot be tolerated at all. But the issue remains - who decides if the ref has had a bad game or a good game?

I'm sorry but coaches, players and spectators and that includes me cannot make that judgement unless they know the Laws of the Game inside out like the refs do.

Too many coaches, players and spectators make themselves look stupid when they yell out at a decision they think is wrong when the decision was in fact correct. Leave it to FFT and those that are paid to manage the refs do their jobs and you all stick to your own.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1.22pm Not condemning the referee on this game alone! Consistency with rule interpretation is not there! I agree FFT should be looking at this and work to improve the skills and knowledge of referees. It can only improve the standard of the game here and that should please players, coaches, spectators,FFT even the referees themselves.