Monday, May 2, 2011

Abdaltam replaces Harrison at Knights

Photo: New Knights coach Ahmed Abdaltam sits with former Knights coach Nick Harrison at South Hobart on Sunday [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights have sacked coach Nick Harrison and have today appointed Ahmed Abdaltam as his replacement.

Harrison is the second coaching casualty of the Premier League season following the dismissal by Olympia of Chris Hey three weeks ago.

Ironically, the Knights registered their first league win of the season only yesterday when they beat Beachside 3-2 away at Sandown Park to move off the foot of the ladder and into sixth place.

Glenorchy Knights president Zac Baltic announced the appointment of Abdaltam, a former player with the club, a few minutes ago.

He said Harrison had been asked to step down but had declined, so the club committee had taken the decision to dismiss him.

Baltic said he hoped Harrison would stay with the club in some other capacity, possibly even as a committee member.

He said the players had also asked for a change of coach and the decision had to be made sooner rather than later because there comes a point of no return.

Abdaltam had a distinguished playing career. He played professionally in Greece and Egypt before coming to Australia.

He has had coaching positions previously with Juventus, Olympia and Metro.

Harrison took over at Glenorchy Knights following the departure of previous coach Eamonn Kelly last season and was appointed again this year.

He had said after yesterday’s win that his position was not secure and that club president Zac Baltic had not been able to give him an assurance that he would remain as coach.


Youth Alert said...

Glenorchy Knights need to get their act together. They are fast becoming the club with the coaches that no one else wants. They will soon have no promising young players in their up and coming ranks. The Under 17 team is not a 'team' in the true sense of the word. It is a mish mash of a few regular players and a dumping ground for Under 19 players who didn't get a full game in the Reserves or the Under 19's. Some Under 19 players this weekend got almost 2 full games while Under 17 players sit on the bench. Some Under 17's sit on the bench week after week & even worse there is a least one player who has paid his $175 and has not yet been put on the field this season. Why? Because the coach considers he is not good enough. At half time the Under 17's were 9-0 up and yet the Under 19 players were kept on the field while Under 17 players were left on the bench.
Being given the message of 'not good enough' week after week results in these players never being good enough. Doesn't anyone at the club understand that it is not JUST about winning games. Surely it is about encouraging kids to the game and promoting the game of soccer. Glenorchy Knights have no idea about developing depth in their club and looking after their younger players

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