Friday, September 26, 2014

Melbourne Victory Youth emphasise player development before winning

Photo:  Darren Davies, the Melbourne Victory Youth coach, works with up to 20 young players, some of whom are under contract and others who are not [PlessPix]

Melbourne Victory Youth will come to Hobart on Sunday to face Tasmania on the heels of two wins against FC Bulleen Lions during the past week.
Melbourne Victory won both those games, so look out Tasmania!
Winning is not the purpose of the visit to Hobart, however, and player development is the first priority.
The squad has only been together for a week, but Davies liked what he saw in the two games against Bulleen.
"It's a particularly young group, however, our philosophy as a club is to get the youngsters in and to hopefully become the next batch who progress from this youth team into the seniors,” said Melbourne Victory Youth coach, Darren Davies.  “That’s always our goal.
"Every single player we have at Melbourne Victory we have because we believe they can be a first-team player.
“We are really committed to working with those boys.
"When we train, we all train together.  We are looking to implement the same structures as the first team.  This is done ultimately because our job is to get our next batch into the first team.
"Anybody who knows me and knows this football club knows our goal is purely to get players into the first team.  That is what we are about and is our ultimate goal, and our only goal.
“Winning games is part of their learning, but it is not at the expense of their development.
"Our goal is to get boys into the first team.  Over the course of the last three years we are up to nine boys now who have been involved in the first team.
“Our goal is to better that and if we can get more boys into the first team then it’s been a successful season.
 "It [the games against Bulleen] was a really great exercise and I want to put on record our thanks to Bulleen as well.
“We came out here, it’s a nice surface to play on, and they have supported us very well."
Sunday’s game against Tasmania represents their next phase in preparing for the Hyundai Youth League.

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