Sunday, January 27, 2019

Lions to emerge from their den tomorrow

Kingborough Lions United will be in action tomorrow (Monday) in a pre-season friendly.

The Lions, under new coach Greg Calvert, will take on Riverside Olympic at 2pm at Lightwood Park.

Riverside are one of two new clubs that will compete in the NPL Tasmania top-flight competition this coming season.

They, and Glenorchy Knights, were promoted to the NPL Tasmania competition as part of the planned increase to 10 teams.

The withdrawal of Northern Rangers, however, has meant that the top-flight league will comprise 9 teams.

This will necessitate a bye each round.

Kingborough have been flying under the radar as the new season approaches so it will be interesting to see what they have in their armoury.


Anonymous said...

Yes interesting to see what riverside are like as its there first season in top flight

Anonymous said...

Hey Walter, are you going to re-open your other site soon or is this the one we should use from now on?

Walter said...

This is my only site now. The other one had technical problems, so I hired someone to build a new site and I signed a contract, but they broke it and I got done like a dinner and lost my money. They had agreed to migrate everything from that site to the new one and they couldn't deliver. In the end, they said they could only migrate the last 12 months, which would have been useless and it wasn't what they had promised to do. I've learned a painful but valuable lesson. I've also lost all that history because the site has gone, although I have the original stories on file and the photos, too. But the site is gone and so people can't search it for stories. If you know the story you'e looking for, you can ask me and I can retrieve it from my files. This current site does go back to 2009 as well, but there are years missing when I moved to that other site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter
Sorry to hear that you have been ripped off.
Any chance of letting us know who was the so called Tech wizard so that we know who not to use in the future.

Walter said...

Wish I could, but I'd better not.