Friday, November 15, 2019

It's high time the Socceroos played in Tasmania

Australia’s 1-0 away win over Jordan this morning in the Asian World Cup Qualifying Group B almost certainly puts the Socceroos into the next round of qualifying.

Australia top Group B after four games with a perfect tally of 12 points, 5 points ahead of second-placed Kuwait and 5 ahead of third-ranked Jordan.

There are four games remaining, only one of which, against Nepal, is away.

Our home games are against Kuwait on 26 March next year, against Chinese Taipei on 4 June, and against Jordan on 9 June.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Football Federation Australia scheduled one of those Socceroos home games in Tasmania?

There is nothing to lose as qualification for the next stage is almost certain, and it would be a wonderful gift to our ‘forgotten’ State.

The Socceroos’ home game against Nepal should have been in Tasmania rather than in Canberra.

A win was a foregone conclusion and it would have provided Tasmanian fans with an opportunity to watch the Socceroos in action in a competitive match.

Canberrans can drive to Sydney to watch the Socceroos play.

Tasmanians must fly to the Mainland if they wish to see our national team play.

Tasmania has hosted visiting teams such as Chelsea, Cardiff City, Sunderland, an English FA XI, Nagoya Grampus Eight and the Chinese national team.

Those games spanned the decades from the 1960s to the 1990s.

It’s about time Tasmania was granted a serious competitive match involving our national team.

The game needs a boost and a competitive World Cup qualifier would provide just the tonic.

The inclusion in the Socceroos squad  -  not necessarily the starting XI  -  of a Tasmanian player or two would be a real crowd puller and not just a token gesture.

Nathan Atkinson and Josh Hope, who play in the A-League, could readily be included in the squad.

And don’t let FFA say we haven’t got a rectangular stadium.

Blundstone Arena in the south, or the University of Tasmania Stadium in Launceston, would be more than acceptable venues.

Football Tasmania should lobby FFA for Tasmania to host one of the Socceroos’ remaining three games in Group B.

Hockey attracts huge interest in Tasmania whenever the Australian team plays international teams in Hobart.

Football is the world game and the Socceroos playing a competitive game in Tasmania would be sure to attract huge support amongst locals.

Bob Gordon and Matt Bulkeley, please at least try and make it happen.


Brian Young said...

We live in hope.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but any talk of this or having an A-League team is pure fantasy until we do have a rectangular stadium. Cricket ovals do not make for great viewing from spectators, and that's only the tip of the iceberg of the issues. We're talking about World Cup Qualifiers here, not the FFA Cup etc. Even a friendly would be unlikely with the current options on offer.

As someone that's been to several matches interstate, including our most famous one 14 years ago to this day, it's the reality of living in a regional area. Particularly one that isn't relevant politically, and until that changes, not much else will.

Anonymous said...

That would be fantastic Walter...... I can remember not that long ago we also had A League teams here for a few years running, playing at Launceston. The power brokers at the time decided Hobart must also have games, well that was the end of that, poor crowds & bad venues.
Well mister negative anon nov 16 at 6:13 I can tell you what will make this a reality BUMS ON SEATS, University of Tasmania Stadium is as central as Tassie can get for venues. Socceroos play there SOLD OUT no problems.

Anonymous said...

Mister Clueless anon Nov 18 at 9:11, nothing says central like forcing the biggest population base to travel 5hrs return, spend $50+ in petrol, plus possible accommodation, when the basis of the article was about people not having or wanting to travel interstate to see the Socceroos.

For an extra $100, and less travel time, you could watch them in Melbourne with a ground that you can actually see the action on, with some actual atmosphere, and to top it off, after the game, you're still not in Launceston.

Some quick FACTS for you:
The average York Park crowds for A-League games (Pre-season and in-season) was 5759. The one A-League PRESEASON game in North Hobart drew 6920. Only one York Park crowd beat that in 9 attempts.

Keep on dreaming that you're central to anything in your little country town bubble.


Mister Realist

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mister Realist for your facts, obviously got a bit of time on your hands & once again no wonder we cant get any thing to happen here NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE.

My point was Launceston is the best available venue to minimise travel for the whole state, not just Hobart.
The North West is a massive catchment area & sports mad.

The King of the North

Anonymous said...

On another topic. Zebras strips look second rate and horrible.
You have done well to kill off a wonderful history.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks slick. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Dear King of the North...I think the point Mr Realist was trying to make is that no one wants to travel to your funny little town.

Unknown said...

i disagree lachlan did not make it johny next door did