Saturday, January 25, 2020

Eagles come home to roost

Photo:  The new badge for the New Town White Eagles Soccer Club

Southern Championship club New Town Eagles today decided to rename the club New Town White Eagles Soccer Club.

The change was made at the club’s AGM for 2019, which was held today.

The club will also adopt a new badge in line with the name change.

Photo:  The original badge of the new White Eagle Soccer Club in 1961

The club was formed in 1961 by Polish migrants as the White Eagle Sports Club and football was only just one sport that was played under its auspices.

Volleyball, basketball and table-tennis were other sports under the umbrella of the White Eagle Sports Club.

That was in line with the European tradition of a club having teams in a number of sports.

Barcelona and Real Madrid, for example, also have basketball and other sports teams in addition to their world-famous football teams.

In 1997, White Eagle, together with dozens of other clubs in Australia, were forced by the Australian national governing body to remove all ethnic connotations in their names.

Photo:  The New Town Eagles badge after the enforced name change in 1997

White Eagle thus became New Town Eagles.

Football Federation Australia recently allowed clubs to  switch back to their former names and emblems and the white eagle of Poland is prominent in the new badge.

New Town White Eagles Soccer Club president, Grant Nutting, said:  “The aim of the name change and alternate emblem is to pay respect to the founding White Eagle Sports Club and former New Town Eagles Soccer Club, whilst providing a design that is modern and representative of the club’s promising future in preparation for our 60th anniversary in 2021.

“The feedback we received from past and current players and officials was extremely positive and we couldn’t be more delighted with the final result.

“There was a significant amount of work involved prior to the transition and it will be some time before we fully implement the changes.

“The club would also like to take this opportunity to thank Domin8 Designs for their assistance in bringing this emblem to life.

“The club would like to thank everyone for their input and we are excited for what the future holds.”


Pavel said...

Grant, are you able to explain to readers the rationale behind using 'soccer club' rather than 'football club'? This is not meant as any form of criticism but a genuine query from someone who follows the sport and the club's fortunes.

Brian Young said...

Why eagles - plural? There is only one eagle on the Polish flag.

Brian Young said...

The White Eagle volleyball team was one of the strongest in the state in the late 1960s- mid-70s. Ervin Miezitis, Ed Kremzer, John Straatsma are a few of the names I remember. Henry Rybak and Rod Scott played for Hobart.

Anonymous said...

Question does anyone know why White Eagles are not in the Laka Cup his year? Seems very strange

Anonymous said...

White Eagle doesn't sound right just like west Coast Eagle doesn't sound right and doesn't roll of the tongue

Marty Dorf said...

One of my favourite phrases when I played.
Come on eagle, you can do it❤️❤️❤️
It ain't eagles.