Thursday, April 30, 2020

The official opening of Devonport's Valley Road in 1972

Photo:  Cover of the match programme for the official opening of Valley Road [Courtesy of Stephen Pitchford]

Valley Road, the home of NPL Tasmania champions Devonport Strikers, was officially opened on Saturday, 3 June, 1972.

To mark the occasion, Devonport City hosted southerners Metro.

There was also a junior game as a curtain-raiser.

Valley Road was built on an area of forest and swamp land and today it is one of the finest football complexes in Tasmania.

As well as a grass pitch, there is also a smaller artificial pitch.

This ground has hosted some big games, including one featuring George Best in 1989, as well as FFA Cup and NPL finals series involving Devonport.

Here is the official match programme from that day in 1972.

Photo:  Devonport president Gordon Rimmer's welcome

Photo:  Devonport's coach at the time was Charlie Baird

I am indebted to Stephen Pitchford for providing me with the match programme.


John Skaro said...

It was a long trip by coach from Eady St, Glenorchy, to Valley Rd to watch the second leg of the 1974 State Premiership.
I was only 7 and the ground felt very green and forest-like... South Hobart was a concrete jungle by comparison.

Charles Calthrop said...

Thanks for all of your wonderful articles and history; I am finding it fascinating. Brings back a lot of personal memories...

Wish we could have some current news though...none of us have had the chance to write sarcastic illogical comments about other players, clubs, presidents and FT staff for weeks. God forbid that some of those who have given a lifetime of service to the game are getting off scot-free!

Many of your regular followers must be banging their heads against their keyboards.

Let's get the show back on the road...

John Skaro said...

Indeed Charles. Back in the old days, people were too busy giving their lifetime of service to the game - supporting, encouraging, passionately flying the diverse community flags - to piss about with lame, anonymous, cheap shots. Walter's recent articles are a breath of fresh (old) air, recalling simpler - perhaps flawed - but more honest, honourable and accountable times.