Sunday, November 14, 2021

Glenorchy Knights' 2021 Awards

Photo:  Nick Mearns won the Knights' NPL side's players'-player-of-the-year award. [Photo by Lisa Creese]


NPL Tasmania

Players’ Player, Nick Mearns

Coach’s Award, Tyler Harrison 

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights held their awards night at Blundstone Arena. [Photo by Lisa Creese]  

Men’s Championship

Best and Fairest, Aaron Marney

Players’ Player, Aaron Marney

Coach’s Award, Joey McShane 

Photo:  A toast to the club. [Photo by Lisa Creese]

Men’s Championship One

Best and Fairest, Brady Watson

Most Improved, Bary Karia

Coach’s Award, Brady Watson 

Photo:  Tyler Harrison is presented with the NPL Coach's Award by senior coach James Sherman. [Photo by Lisa Creese]]  

Women’s Championship

Top Goalscorer, Chantelle Nowicki

Best and Fairest, Tahlia Foster

Coach’s Award, Josie Gargioni 

Photo:  The Glenorchy Knights' women players. [Photo by Lisa Creese]  

Women’s Championship One

Top Goalscorer, Kim Browning

Best and Fairest, Danielle Duffin

Players’ Player, Tiahna Tomac 

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Southern Championship side. [Photo by Lisa Creese]  

Men’s Championship Four

Top Goalscorer, Ben Coates

Best and Fairest, Emil Lesa

Players’ Player, Luke Sterpin

Coach’s Award, Elmer Cano and Gary Morris 

Photo:  Portia Reid receives her award from Marina Brkic. [Photo by Lisa Creese]  


Billy Krawczyk, Encouragement Award – Austin Yost

Women’s Outstanding Achievement – Portia Reid

Milan Lakoseljac Top Goalscorer – Nick Mearns

Stipe Majic Most Improved Senior Player – Lucas Hill

Michael Furjanic Best and Fairest senior player, Nick Mearns

Peter Huigsloot Most Dedicated player, George Ivanov

Vin McKay Best Club Person, Anthony Bonnitcha

Photo:  Nick Mearns won the Milan Lakoseljac Top Goalscorer Award. [Photo by Lisa Creese]

Photo:   Austin Yost is presented with the Billy Krawcyk Encouragement Award by Robbie Baric. [Photo by Lisa Creese]

Photo:  George Ivanov (left) is presented with the Peter Huigsloot Most Dedicated Player Award by Tom Huigsloot. [Photo by Lisa Creese]


Photo:  Nick Mearns (right) receives the Michael Furjanic Award for the Best-and-Fairest Senior Player from Robbie Furjanic and Mrs Furjanic. [Photo by Lisa Creese]

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' senior NPL side with their league trophy. [Photo by Lisa Creese]

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