Saturday, February 19, 2022

Summer Cup results from Friday and Saturday, Sunday (18, 19 and 20 February 2022)

Photo:  Alex Holmes played centre-forward for Olympia against one of his former clubs, Glenorchy Knights. [PlessPix]

Friday night Summer Cup, 18 February 2022

Summer Cup (Social Tier 1)

Nelson Eastern Suburbs 2-1 University Bees

Summer Cup (Social Tier 2)

South East United 0-4 Barnstoneworth Scrappers

Southern Championships Summer Cup (Friday night, 18 February 2022)

South East United 5-1 Kingborough Lions United

Metro 2-5 Hobart United

Summer Cup (Saturday, 19 February 2022)

Southern Championship Summer Cup

Glenorchy Knights 2 v South Hobart 8

Clarence Zebras 0-0 Hobart City Beachside (Hobart City Beachside won 7-6 on penalties)

Taroona 3-1 New Town White Eagles

University 4-1 Olympia Warriors

NPL Summer Cup (Saturday, 19 February 2022)

Kingborough Lions United 1-3 South Hobart

Women’s Summer Cup (Saturday, 19 February 2022)

Clarence Zebras 4-0 Taroona

Olympia 13-0 Metro 0

Kingborough Lions United 2-5 South Hobart

NPL Summer Cup

Olympia Warriors 0-1 Glenorchy Knights



Anonymous said...

Finally Taroona showing some form. Lets hope it is not just a good start to the season and the fall away as per usual. Have picked up some decent players .

Anonymous said...

Popped along to watch Olympia vs Knights NPL summer cup. Quite an interesting game. Olympia pushed hard but Knights fought back and just scraped a goal in. Surprised by the lack of goals in this game! Seems the Knight were not utilising their forward players enough. Midfielders trying to take a glory shot instead of passing when players were wide open and calling. Little bit of work to do there. Was also disappointed with a young Olympia player at the end of the game. Missed a couple of easy shots at goal, then game over, he layed on the ground in what seemed to be a slight tantrum because of the loss. Didn’t even stand up and shake opposing teams hand with the rest of his group. Quite unprofessional actually. At least the weather was nice!

Anonymous said...

Not a professional league, so quite rightly he was allowed to act amateurishly.
And the weather was nice.
You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.49 AM.
Good to hear you enjoyed the weather at least. It wasn't a complete waste of your day.
Good to know .
Maybe stay home and watch professional football on TV where they don't make any mistakes especially in the second ( practice )match of their season.