Monday, April 25, 2022

Sunday results - 24 April 2022

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Elianna Diafokeris gets behind the Eagles defence and sets up a goal, [PlessPix]

Women’s Super League

Taroona 1-5 Launceston United

Photo:  Eagles' goalkeeper takes a cross in the game against Clarence Zebras. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Action from the Metro versus New Norfolk game at North Chigwell on Sunday. [PlessPix]

Women’s Southern Championship

Taroona 0-8 Glenorchy Knights

Clarence Zebras 6-2 New Town White Eagle

Kingborough Lions United 1-5 University 

Photo:  Action from North Chigwell game between Metro and New Norfolk. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Eagles' Charlotte Butler (left) up against Clarence Zebras' opponent Ava Wylie. [PlessPix]
Photo:  New Norfolk's Paul Cairns (left) can only watch as Metro's Terry Kent clears. [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Elianna Diofokeris attacks down the left against Eagles. [PlessPix]
Photo:  New Norfolk's Paul Cairns (left) in action against Metro at North Chigwell. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

i herd that there was a dirty tackle in the women's game that either should of been a penalty or a red card but it was awarded as a throw in.There's footage of this and it's so bizarre how the referee gives it a throw in.
this would be a classic quiz night question.

Anonymous said...

Do share?

Anonymous said...

1:42 PM
I was intrigued by this so went looking and took a while to find it and the tackle is very ugly, lucky there wasn't a broken leg. I am gobbed smacked though that it wasn't given a red card.

9:31 PM, it's on You tube and type in Tas Tricon , late in the first half.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:42 - keeper blocked ball in tackle - no foul - keeper got to ball first, attacker went over the keeper. Defender kicked ball out of play so opponent could get treatment.

Anonymous said...

Keeper got to the ball before the attacker - there is no foul by the keeper. The defender kicked the ball over the sideline before referee stopped play - hence the restart was a throw-in.