Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday results - 28 August 2022

Photo: Action from today's Women's Southern Championship game at Clare Street between New Town White  Eagles and Clarence Zebras. [PlessPix] 

Women’s Southern Championship

New Town White Eagles 0-0 Clarence Zebras

Kingborough Lions United 0-6 Glenorchy Knights

Taroona 0-10 University

Photo:  Olympia Warriors' Kate Chambers gets a pass away against Hobart City Beachside in today's Southern Women's Championship 1 game at Empire Couriers Park. [PlessPix]  

Photo:  Goal coming up for Hobart City Beachside against Olympia Warriors today. [PlessPix] 

Photo:  A Clarence Zebras defender clears in the Men's Southern Championship 3 game at Wentworth Park today. [PlessPix] 

Men’s Southern Championship Over-35s

Phoenix Rovers 2-7 University

Metro 1-3 Huon Valley

South Hobart 0-3 Hobart United

Photo:  Hobart United's Mohand Rahni (right) tackles a South Hobart opponent in the Men's Southern Championship 3 game at South Hobart Oval today. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Action from today's Over-35's social league game between Phoenix Rovers and University at Wentworth Park today. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Metro's Geoff Price wins a header in the Over-35s Social League game against Huon Valley at North Chigwell today. [PlessPix]



Anonymous said...

Time to move up to WSL Uni?

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Uni in the championship is a blessing in disguise. No diminishing the fact Uni had another sensational season and deserve the praise, promotion chat and exceptional comments. Overall it’s what hard work, developed quality and experience shows but when other teams around them are ran thin due to poor rostering from FT throughout the season, the best players will always come on top and the ability to develop better footballers will frail.

Most teams in both womens C&C1 have been forced to playing at different venues at the same time, making clubs stretching recourses thin to get the players to play.

I would like to see how both competitions would have gone if rostering was identical to last season. Giving teams the ability to utilise as much of their playing squad as possible. Especially being able to develop players for the future and ensuring the future of football is in a good place. We will lose a lot of the younger players because of this.

We already lost a group of players when we moved from North and South to a single state league. I think we are about to lose many more players with the pathway FT are going…

Anonymous said...

Why worry about it ,we should be worried about participation, the new rules will drive more to the AFL.
Champs teams under 20 based,would of been difficult to do 10 years ago when they had numbers playing.
They have probably 2 to 5 playing afl in each women's team now.

Anonymous said...

Spot on they and the clubs don't care about the women's game either.
Yet some clubs Olympia and Taroona move players between comps but others like South and Zebras are watched like hawks and knights can have games rostered to suit them so South had their team and coaches in Launceston.
Maybe they need the knights to finish second so they can promote them as Uni won't go up.
They really are not that talented play depleted champs teams women's game in real trouble statewide competition has destroyed the game.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.15pm

Olympia and Taroona move their players between comps - within the rules mate. What would you rather - forfeits?? Olympia lost their whole team, but one, from last year - many of those going to South. Hence South's success. Good on Olympia and Taroona fielding a team each week - WITHIN THE RULES. PS I found it really hard to read your post without punctuation. Work on that!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are we only talking about Southern teams gaining promotion? Burnie and Ulverstone are holding their own well in the Northern Womens league. What about them?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't cut it in the Super league

Anonymous said...

How is it within the rules? Can you explain please? You cannot play a Social womens game and the WSL game in the same weekend (Olympia got away with it all season). How is it fair that some clubs can do this and not others. Southern champ teams who are part of WSL clubs have it hard each week with limited numbers of players available due to a number of reasons e.g different venues, illness, injuries. I don’t think they should have to forfeit I just don’t understand why some clubs have special treatment and others are pulled up on the smallest things.

Anonymous said...

6:11 wouldn’t want to anyway….8 hours travel. No thanks, crap standard anyway!

Anonymous said...

They are the only clubs that you can play in the WSL and start, then go and play champs 1 same round.
No one really worries at FT because they are rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.21pm and 12.19pm
Maybe they did the right thing and got exemptions from FT. But you seem to know it all - you tell us. You seem to have your knickers in a knot about something!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi could you please name the players?
You can't really count players that have played in other leagues and returned ,so probably shoots your argument down.
Besides the few imports ,the team is mainly south players from previous years.