Saturday, May 20, 2023

Lakoseljac Cup and State-wide Cups semi-finals results - Saturday, 20 May 2023

Photo:  Launceston United's Adilat Otto (left) and Courtney Marten celebrate their cup semi-final win. [PlessPix] 

Lakoseljac Cup Semi-Final

Devonport Strikers 3-2 Clarence Zebras

Photo:  The victorious Launceston United squad which has qualified to meet South Hobart in the Women's State-wide Cup Final. [PlessPix] 

 Women’s State-wide Cup Semi-Finals

Launceston United 1 (Courtney Marten 24) beat Kingborough Lions United 0

Devonport Strikers 2-5 South Hobart

Photo:  Launceston United's Courtney Marten (right) gets around Kingborough Lions United defender Monica Orlowski. [PlessPix] 

 Under-21 State-wide Cup Semi-Finals

Launceston City 1-3 South East United

Photo:  Launceston United's Danielle Gunton breaks through. [PlessPix] 


Anonymous said...

Nice top photo Walter, 'winners are grinners' as they say. The bottom one is quite funny, they look more interested in boxing than the ball.

Anonymous said...

Who else got the $8for Devonport to win at half time ? Yeehaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Must be time to restart at kingborough again. Both NPL and WSL. Zero chance of chasing the titles. Our of the laka cup. Poor playing style. Think people can put up with a terrible style when your winning but this is just a joke. Specially with the amount of money being paid out.

Anonymous said...

Club must sit back , have a look at situation. If they accept what is happening then there is nothing to worry about , its same old same old and on we go.
If however where they are is not acceptable then wholesale changes need to be made from top to bottom. Having a beautiful complex, nice ground , all media attention, has not equated to improvement in results , performance and attractiveness to decent players.
Its OK to post on social media every week however that does not generate increased interest from their own supporters or others.
Time for change .

Anonymous said...

Lions NPL give it a chance
Were better then south and nearly got a point with a man down against city the knights keeper kept them from getting a point so they could end up being the big improvers

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.12am.
They are self promoted as improvers every year but nothing improves.
Same ole same ole.

Anonymous said...

Massively disagree, south took the foot off. And kingborough couldn't be clinical early against city

Anonymous said...

Spot on if you look at one of souths goal it was offside and few the shots against South you'll see lions missed some big ones very late