Friday, October 13, 2023

Xuan Cappellino wins Clarence Zebras major award

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Argentine import Xuan Cappellino. [PlessPix] 

Clarence Zebras held their awards presentation dinner at the Australian Italian Club last Saturday night.

David O’Byrne MHA was the MC for the evening.

Photo:  David O'Byrne (right) with Simon Robustelli. [PlessPix] 

The major award winners are listed below. 

Photo: Curtis Miley in action. [PlessPix] 

National Premier League

Best and Fairest:  Xuan Cappellino

Players’ Player:  Curtis Miley

Coach’s Award:  Sam Tooze

Photo:  Clarence zebras' Sam Tooze. [PlessPix] 

 Women’s Super League

Best and Fairest:  Bronte Gadon

Players’ Player:  Louisa Marmion

Coach’s Award:  Sarah Bolonja

Photo:  Sarah Bolonja (right) receives her award from Taylor Rand. [PlessPix] 

Women’s Championshipest and Fairest:  Ekaterina Aberle

Players’ Player:  Orana Bolland-Shaw

Coach’s Award:  Laura Collinson

Photo:  Jill Gill with her club member of the year award. [PlessPix] 

 Under-17 Black

Players’ Player:  Ned Cunningham

Coach’s Award:  Harry McKenna

Under-17 Red

Players’ Player:  Joshua Dimsey

Social Awards  -  Championship 3

Golden Boot:  Simon Robustelli

Players’ Player:  Tommaso Di Lenno

Coach’s Award:  Dan Jordan

Social Awards  -  Women’s Championship 3

Players’ Player:  Phoebe Eyles

Coach’s Award:  Kate Whish-Wilson

Most Improved:  Elkie Burdon

Social Awards  -  Championship 2

Best and Fairest:  Brodie Downham

Players’ Player:  Doug Boothroy

Golden Boot:  Charlie Banks

Club Awards

Club Member of the Year:  Jill Gill

Coach of the Year:  Luca Perri

Rising Star:  Nick Wright

Golden Boot:  Deacon Smith (16 goals)

Coach’s Award:  Luke Beard

Photo:  Luke Edmunds MLC presents Bronte Gadon (centre) with her award. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Mark Astley (left) and David O'Byrne presenting an Under-21 award. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Deacon Smith received his award from Dale and Vanessa Maundrill. [PlessPix] 
Photo (L-R):  Frank Perri and NPL coaches Alex Tatnell and Ivan Klepic. [PlessPix]


Photo:  Under-17 coaches Scott Hadley and Daniel Bosco present awards. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Xuan needs to find a decent club. Too good for Clarence set up.

Anonymous said...

Theres always one.......

Anonymous said...

Let’s just hope the new coach has a bit of faith in the boys from the under 21’s side that stood up last season and that will give the brilliant under 17’s something to strive for as well. They really need to get back to basics with the club as they are years and years off a premiership

Anonymous said...

Anon 17-10-23 12.01.
Looks like there are two ???????

Anonymous said...

Putting your hand up are you ?

Anonymous said...

That club is stuffed Clarence will go down the drain this year,they already lost their women's program, due to their President's and coach.
Kick them out shouldn't they have a WSL team to line up with other clubs