Monday, July 26, 2010

Mariners' coaching clinic a success

Photos (Top to Bottom): Mariners' coach Phil Moss puts the TIS men's teams through their paces in front of a large group of local coaches; John Crawley takes the goalkeeping session; Phil Moss takes questions from local coaches; Phil Moss addresses the local coaches after the session at KGV Park; John Boulos, the newly appointed FFT CEO; Mariners' goalkeeping coach John Crawley (left) and Mariners' coach Phil Moss [PlessPix]

The attendance at this evening’s coaching clinic at KGV Park conducted by the Central Coast Mariners’ coaching staff was excellent.

It showed that local coaches are crying out for such sessions and everyone in attendance enjoyed the clinic and found it beneficial.

The Mariners’ Phil Moss demonstrated coaching points with the Tasmanian Institute of Sport men’s squad, while the Mariners’ goalkeeping coach, John Crawley, did a session specifically for goalkeepers.

“It was a great turnout from local coaches, which is fantastic,” said Phil Moss.

“It just shows how enthusiastic Tasmanian football people are about the game, which I think I already knew, but to see the proof tonight was very pleasing.”

Football Federation Tasmania’s new CEO, John Boulos, was delighted at the attendance.

“It was great to see so many local coaches here,” said Boulos.

“The more opportunities that we can put on for coaches to better themselves can only benefit football in Tasmania.”

Boulos was delighted at the condition of the KGV Park pitch.

“The [Glenorchy City] Council have been very supportive. It’s not very often that we host an A-League team.

“The Council have picked up the ball and run with it and made the ground look very nice for the game [tomorrow evening].

“I’m hopeful of a good turnout. It’ll be the first time a senior Hyundai A-League team has come down and we’re hoping the Mariners might want to make Hobart their home and, you know, coming down more and more often for games.”

Boulos was initially appointed as an interim CEO of FFT by Football Federation Australia but was recently appointed as the new CEO of FFT following a selection process.

He said he was enjoying the role.

“It’s going really good,” he said. “I’ve just been tying up my FFA job this month.

“I officially start on Monday, but I’m down for the game, obviously.

“It’s a great challenge and a good opportunity to work with the many passionate people down here to develop football further.”

TIS men’s coach, Dean May, said that 16-year-olds Will Abbott and Jeremy Walker had been invited for further trials with Brisbane Roar next month.

He had recently taken the two TIS players for a trial with the Roar and they had impressed club officials and earned an invitation to return.

Abbott has been selected for the senior Tasmanian side to play Central Coast Mariners at KGV Park tomorrow [Tuesday] at 7pm.


Tommy said...

Having been there last night the only down side was that I couldn't be watching both demonstrations simultaneously.

Walter said...

Tommy, how many Premier League coaches did you count there last night?

Anonymous said...

Don't some premier league teams train on Mondays?