Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Loic Feral latest in a bunch of new signings by Olympia Warriors

Photo (L-R):  Olympia coach Andrew Brown, new signing Loic Feral and football manager Rob Clarke [Photo courtesy of Olympia Warriors]

South Hobart midfielder Loic Feral has signed for Olympia Warriors for the 2020 NPL Tasmania season.

He joins Adam Gorrie as one of Olympia’s new recruits from South Hobart.

Feral is a midfielder and Gorrie is a right-back.

Olympia’s other new signings are Declan and Callum Brown from Glenorchy Knights, Joseph Juma, Joseph Mwarabu and Jackosn Khalif from Hobart United, and goalkeeper Elliot Hoysted from University.

The Brown twins’ father, Andrew Brown, is, of course, Olympia’s new coach.

Star midfielder Jordan Scott and powerful centre-forward Jack Ryan are both currently overseas.

Olympia president George Mamacas said he was delighted by the announcement of Feral’s signing.

Mamacas has high hopes for Olympia in 2020 after they finished second to Devonport in the 2019 NPL Tasmania standings.

He said he expected the club to finish in the top two and was confident they could even go one better.

Feral, who came to Tasmania from France, has won two league titles with South Hobart and several cups.

“I am definitely excited to be joining Olympia and to see where I can go with this club,” the 32-year-old midfielder said.

Feral spent 2011 and 2012 with South Hobart before returning to France.

He came back to Australia in 2015 and rejoined South Hobart until last season.

Feral said it would be a new challenge for him and provide him with a real possibility to win another league title.

South Hobart have also lost the services of defenders Connor Schmidt and Oscar Thomas, who have both signed for Glenorchy Knights.

Knights, who have a new president in Paul Woodham, have also signed Sam Leszczynski from New Town Eagles.


The Phoenix said...

Splashing the cash around.

Anonymous said...

The knights two defensive signings are a good move.
I have always said that defences win you titles so a strong back 4 along with the keeper is where my money would be spent on.

Olympia have a good base defensively with Lucas Hill but lack one more regular centre defender.
If Jake could get himself back to the level and fitness he was a few years back, then adding a quality keeper will certainly make Olympia title favourites.

Anonymous said...

To the Phoenix,

Correct. We have plenty.

The Phoenix said...

And your ruining the local game with it but hey let's not worry about that.
Go the Port.

Anonymous said...

Gone are the days where Olympia's senior team were made of up of predominately local Greek club lads.

Selling their soul and playing football on a plastic pitch.

Anonymous said...

Yep. A lot of soul left in Juventus.

Anonymous said...

Hey Walter - do you think the South Hobart exodus is simply $ talking and given South Hobart don't pay players they can't compete on that front. Or is there more to the story. Ken entering his 13th season as coach, how much longer does he have? I suspect as long as he wants it which is probably fair enough.
Out of interest do you know who has the longest coaching reign in Tasmania (Keith Roberts might know) I assume Ken might be up there .Great work as always. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Money money noney is the answer for South's departures .

If they sit on the bench they can not ensure South's continued success.

Anonymous said...

I still think Devonport are title favourites. Will be interesting to see if Brown who I think is a bad appointment by Olympia and Sherman can handle the egos in the teams and the disappointed players who are going to miss out with all the new signings. Olympia already making a stupid decision to release Jordan Scott

Anonymous said...

With the mass exodus of players from South they could end up like Eagles did when the NPL first started. Having an extra team will just put more pressure on the kids who will have to step up from kiddies football to the adults league.
The question is how many championship clubs will still be alive as I have heard that the NPl clubs are pillaging the championship clubs for senior players to help field the extra team.
I don't like the structures of football and I feel that in three years time no one will give a shit as it is all about the NPl and nothing else. Nothing flows anymore like it use too as there are too many barriers and red tape to go through.

Anonymous said...

I think the 2 big money clubs are full of arrogance and ruining the game but I don't blame young players who are studying etc, going for the ridiculous amounts of cash that is being ofrked out to these players. Hbt Juventus tried the flow of cash and fell on their faces and from all reports will continue to rely on imports as they have nothing local with any talent to build through.
Expectations on Brown and Sherman will be high for results because they now have quality players in abundance. Not much coaching required other than dealing with the human resources. How do they really test their coaching ability, when they basically have all the better players in the southern part of the state.
To say South never paid players is a broken record and a lie, but in an case, Ken Morton will build a good young squad and I have no doubt, through all the disappointment he has seen in the players leaving in the off season, I have no doubt Ken will be highly driven and motivated to show the football public, what his young guns can achieve. Ego's Vs youth and teamship. I would be very aware of the young South Squad. They won't win it but they will knock down some massive ego's in the season.