Monday, December 9, 2019

Tasmanian Government backs Women's World Cup bid

Photo:  Premier Will Hodgman as a supporter of Tasmania's A-League bid [PlessPix]

Football Tasmania has welcomed the Tasmanian Government’s support for Australia’s bid to host the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Premier Will Hodgman today announced that Tasmania would be a part of the bid book that makes up Australia's push to host the biggest women's sporting event on the planet.

If successful, Tasmania could host up to three games in the tournament, with Aurora Stadium in Launceston the venue to be used.

Football Tasmania CEO, Matt Bulkeley, said that football is Tasmania’s most popular team sport and was glad the government was on board with the bid.

Photo:  Football Tasmania CEO Matt Bulkeley [PlessPix]

“More people play football than any other team sport in Tasmania,” Mr Bulkeley said.

“It’s not just the world game, it’s Tasmania’s game.

“Not only that, but Tasmania has one of the highest number of female football players in the country and the government’s support shows they recognise just how important football is to the community.

“Women’s football has been going from strength to strength in Tasmania for over 40 years.

“The Matildas performed brilliantly at this year’s World Cup and, while we don’t have final figures for the 2019 season, anecdotally, it’s clear we saw a big rise in female participation off the back of the 2019 World Cup.

“We are seeing a huge uptake in football from younger women, especially, and being able to see the best players in the world playing in their home State would be a game-changer for many young Tasmanian women.

“If the government wants to reach its targets relating to social inclusion, general health and childhood obesity, it’s vital they work with the football community, and this is a great step.”

Mr Bulkeley said all states have now agreed to support an Australian bid to host the World Cup in 2023 and FIFA will now consider all bids before making a decision next year.

Photo:  Will Hodgman nets a spot-kick.  I hope Tasmanian and Australian politicians recognise the power of football as an economic, political and cultural tool in the world.  [PlessPix]


Unknown said...

How can he say womens football in thus state is going from strength to strength less youth playing than ten years .
Would love to see where his numbers are coming from

Anonymous said...

"How can FT say about the government reaching it's targets" when Ft do not provide the competitions for the social player. Unfortunately that went by the wayside when the NPL competition started as there used to be plenty of kids playing in lower competitions than they have today. Multi divisions of age groups.
There maybe plenty of kids playing in the Junior associations but that's where it ends. I know from experience that for example Central Regions competition structures and organising of roster and the information given out is far better that FT have to offer. It's not Rocket Science.
I actually think that the game is dying here as you just have to compare the amount of Youth teams and the clubs that they come from now to the past.

Oxford said...

Fantastic that Tasmania are at least involved in this bid. However there is no way that FIFA would endorse a fixture to be played at a venue that wasn't a rectangular purpose built venue for association football, and that has all necessary security. So even if the national bid is successful Tasmania would not get a fixture.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...are you saying the CEO should get in front of the media and say the game is dying and numbers are down..and the good numbers of girls playing is a lie. How would that look? It doesn't matter what's true; Isn't he supposed to talk it up. The nonsense about numbers of players coming out of the other sports goes unchallenged; of course he is going to say things are good...that's his job; surely!

Anonymous said...

See same old coach is ringing trying to recruit women footballers.
Even though he has two squads , but t hen again players do tend to leave under his coaching.