Saturday, April 11, 2020

What's happening with the NPL Tasmania imports?

Photo:  South Hobart's American goalkeeper, Chase Webert, has returned to the U.S.A. [PlessPix]

The coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc in the A-League when it comes to imports, with some returning home and others trapped in Australia.

What is the situation in Tasmania’s NPL competition?

Reigning champions Devonport Strikers have three imports in Raphael Reynolds, Wyatt Scott and Orlando Monroy.

Centre-back Raphael Reynolds, a Canadian, is applying for Australian citizenship and is still in Tasmania.

American Wyatt Scott, a winger or striker, has returned to the US.

Orlando Monroy, another American, is still in Tasmania but his future is unclear at this stage.

Photo:  Olympia's American goalkeeper Davis Smith has returned home [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors duo, defender Kazume Kobayashi and goalkeeper Davis Smith, have returned to Japan and the USA, respectively.

Striker Jack Ryan is still with the club.

“I do not believe there will be a season which will be recognisable as an NPL season,” said Olympia president, George Mamacas.

“When the season was postponed, we sent the two lads home.”

South Hobart had two American imports in goalkeeper Chase Webert and central defender Patrick Kibler.

Webert has returned to the USA but intends to return, while Kibler is still in Tasmania.

Clarence Zebras’ two imports, Frenchman Quentin Parant and Korean Byungtae Ahn remain in Tasmania and are fruit picking.

Riverside Olympic’s Nil Sanz from Spain and Luca Vigilante from Argentina are still with the club.

Kingborough Lions United’s three imports are Americans Tim Baker and Davis Bryan, and Spaniard Javier Verdu Sanchez.

The two Americans are still here, but Sanchez is injured and won’t play if there is a season.  He has been unable to return to Spain.

Glenorchy Knights have no imports.

Launceston City had three English imports.

Louis Anthony has returned home, while Sam Ridgard and Rob Gerrard are still here.


Anonymous said...

Surely we will be ok to start after May 31st. Not many cases now and with restrictions in place. Start the season July and have 2 full rounds 14 game season plus Laka Cup

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen until the virus is under control on the NW Coast.
Pretty simple really don't expect anything at present.

Anonymous said...

Increasing cases every day on the coast. Would not be surprised if the government closed Burnie off.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Clubs with imports aren't paying any players. Lol!

Anonymous said...

I've heard on the grapevine that schools may not resume to full normality until 4th term as winter takes up part of term 3.
Sport may return but with no spectators.

Brian Young said...

I wouldn't be so sure.

Paul said...

I think this is the only article I've seen which actually asks the important question of what's happened to import players during Australian soccer's shutdown. Great stuff, Walter.

Anonymous said...

So clubs don't want the season to go more than end of October so does that mean we will get a 14 game NPL season? Loss of imports will really tighten the league up with not much between many teams

Anonymous said...

There'll be no season in 2020. Complete write off

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.26 am.
I think so. Better off scrapping the league and prepare properly
for a better one next year.
Better than a pretend half baked one.

Anonymous said...

Go back to regional senior soccer too.