Saturday, June 20, 2020

Referees prepare for resumption of the 2020 season

Photo:  Tony Peart issues instructions at today's training session [PlessPix]

The referees had their sixth training session for southern-based officials at KGV Park this morning in anticipation of the 2020 football season resuming in mid-July.

Fifteen referees went through their paces under the supervision and instruction of Referee Development Manager, Tony Peart.

Sessions such as these are held in Launceston on Wednesdays for northern-based referees and at KGV Park for southern-based officials on Saturdays.

Photo:  The southern-based referees training at KGV Park this morning [PlessPix]

“The group is training well, although it’s not the same as achieving match intensity,” said Peart.

“The group have slotted back into training well, though.”

The word around the traps is that referees will be officiating at friendlies prior to the re-start of the season, but they will do games free of charge.

No refereeing courses have been conducted due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but there are several new arbiters in the pipeline.

Photo (L-R):  James Hamilton, Nathan Coad, Ian Colhoun and Brenton Kopra go through their paces [PlessPix]

“There are several practical elements in such courses and we haven’t been able to do those,” Peart said.

“We’re just waiting now for Football Federation Australia to give us the go-ahead.

“FFA put a blanket ban on any courses during COVID.”

Photo:  The southern referees training at KGV Park on a cold but fine morning today  [PlessPix]

Once games resume, referees will change certain practices.

They will turn up for games 30 minutes before kick-off for their warm-up.

A minimum amount of time will be spent in change rooms before and after games.

Photo:  Referee Development Manager Tony Peart in action this morning [PlessPix]

As for the players, there won’t be any pre-match handshakes, nor the usual walking out onto the pitch by the two teams.

No spitting and nose clearing will be allowed during games.

Announcements in regard to the resumption of play and the rules to be observed are expected to be made by Football Tasmania next week.

Photo:  Two of the leading referees, Nathan Coad (left) and Brenton Kopra, observe social distancing during the training session [PlessPix]

Photo (L-R):  Toby Butler, Brenton Kopra (partly obscured), Craig Phillips, Nathan Coad, Eugene Rosenzweig and Ian Colhoun at today's training session [PlessPix]

Photo:  Tony Peart (left) and his 15 referees [PlessPix]

Photo:  Tony Peart makes a point during training [PlessPix]


craig said...

Great to see so many keen young referees out very early on these cold Saturday mornings.
The future looks bright for refereeing in Tasmania.

Brian Young said...

"No spitting and nose clearing will be allowed during games." How this is to be policed will be interesting.
This is comment from a friend in Scotland wrt an overnight EPL match, "Just been watching Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace game live on TV. It seems that the habits of players has not changed, despite the pandemic, with spitting and disgusting nose clearance activities in evidence throughout the game"

Anonymous said...

Yes. If I was in a position too I would sack all of FT staff.

Tony Peart maybe the only employee I would reinstate.

He is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

Big rumor FFT have told clubs there's no prize money this year and clubs are not happy at all

Anonymous said...

Which makes it all the more important that FT place their latest annual reports and financial statements on their website. FIFA, FFA and all mainland federations have up-to-date annual reports and financial statements clearly on display. Why FT do not follow suit is strange - whatever the reason it is unacceptable and a sign of disrespect to the Tasmanian football public.

Anonymous said...

lol only 3 of the clubs can win it so I am guessing only 3 clubs care about the prize money.

Anonymous said...

Clubs threatening to pull the pin on the NPl season if there is no assistance,
I honestly hope this is not true and some middle ground can be found otherwise this damages The Brand The Image and most importantly the Game.
Sad state of affairs and the situation we find ourselves in with Covid this is not a good mental space to be in.

Goanna said...

The clubs could have asked for assistance from the Federal and State Govt if they had provided evidence of their losses due to Covid-19. They are not doing this as many of the wages to players and coaches are not paid under any employment contract. They are receiving under the table payments, they are not declared in taxes and neither do the staff have their superannuation contributions locked away. Furthermore club staff are not employer insured for workers compensation. If this is the case then no coach will have termination agreements if they are sacked. It all seems a bit sad to me that these affected clubs don't have the decency to declare their books to their club members, the Federation or any government agency that could assist them to recoup their losses. Do not complain that Football Tasmania hasn't bailed you out, your football community should be holding you to account first. Perhaps your members and players should all examine your ability as an office holder / committee members.

Trevor R. said...

Ahh...but it's always so much easier to blame FFT...after all the clubs never do anything wrong,'s always the governing body.

The Phoenix said...

FFT's job is to govern and run the game in Tasmania. Something I think most of us agree they do poorly at in their current make-up. The clubs jobs are to look after their own financial needs and provide a pathway for people to play the game. Its not up to FFT to provide financial support to the clubs. If a club can't afford to continue then its one less club. The players will find another pathway at another club.

Charles Calthrop said...

I agree with Trevor R.
Walter, my understanding is that you are responsible for moderating the site and the comments that are on here...would you kindly be able to explain how you let slip through a message that blames the clubs for something.
As the most experienced football person in Tasmania you should know better than anyone...everything is FFT's fault.
I call for Goanna to be banned from your site for life...all good fun!

Anonymous said...

Goanna said... a bunch of worthless rubbish.

All clubs have AGM's. This is precisely to declare the accounts and books of the club.

Go back under your rock and stay there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe FT should spent less time on blogs and more time monitoring their staff performance here is were the problem lies!!

Charles Calthrop said...

I'm no fan of FFT but I think we're all safer just blaming them for everything. Makes us sleep well. I therefore agree with our anonymous colleague at 8.55am.

Anonymous said...

FT have dropped the ball with the whole NPL league.

At its inception, the league was:
- Well advertised
- Provided with a kit sponsor
- Provided with a bus sponsor

All have gone.

FT have started expecting NPL clubs to:
- Increase coaching qualifications
- Increase facilities
- Provide elite junior pathways

All of these are increasingly expensive for clubs, and all require volunteers to do hours and hours of unpaid work (coaching, attending courses, board meetings, writing grants, equipment and facility maintainence, fundraising, etc)

So, since the start of the NPL (Victory League) FT have given less and taken more. This pattern has to stop and it looks like it will stop here.

How many people at FT need to be there? Media guy? Full time TD? Full time Competition manager? I reckon 1 competent person full time could cover all those roles in one. There is the money saved already.

Also, it is pretty common knowledge that FT received $150k from the government. FT tells you it was to pay wages, but surely they were eligible for Jobkeeper Allowance. So, what are they using the $150k for?

Yes, FT have to stay viable, and in normal circumstances I wouldn't endorse giving 1 or 2 clubs handouts to survive, but when all 8 clubs say they need help (btw, I'm sure it is not exclusively NPL clubs) and FT blow them off like a problem doesn't exist, something has to give. If FT care about the state of our game they'll cede some ground here and come to an agreement.

Anonymous said...

All the clubs want is money to pay players, good on FFT for standing firm

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly sure MSS is a business. Correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Let's get real the CEO has a PA bit rich for Football Tas to cry poor !

Anonymous said...

Clubs would only be entitled to some of their team nominations for an incomplete season, I believe that the NPL entry fee is $15 000. What that would entail to would be anyone's guess.FT are not in the business of propping up clubs finically.
If NPL clubs disappear then so be it.

Anonymous said...

Well said Goanna

Anonymous said...

Why should FT bale out or assist any club? As far as I am aware no other sporting body is assisting any of the clubs
in their competition.
None of the clubs are businesses not have employees and hence do not qualify for government assistance .
This is no reason however to expect the governing body to assist. They are not there for that.
I do not believe FT have performed professionally for a long time but am sick of hearing people criticise them
constantly and publicly. I believe clubs have met and all submitted letters to FT regarding their plans for 2020.
Now is the time for you whinging clubs/ people to stand up to FT as a group and take your stand if you have the guts.
Stop complaining. Now is your opportunity to do something about the things you are not happy with.
If not shut it and get on with it.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the entry fee goes towards paying for the buses and the prizemoney. It's been like that from the start of the Victory League and still is. Us clubs have always known that.

Karl said...

I remember good all times when the FF was run from small office at South Hobart by one person bring back all times

Anonymous said...

As 404pm put it clubs are only entitled to a reduced registration fee and team nominations.
If NPL clubs pull the pin then they should be severely punished for bringing the game into disrepute.

Anonymous said...

Victory League was only $10 000 entry.Now $5000 extra and nothing for it.

Anonymous said...

Time to go back to a regional competition at the top level for both males and females.

The female comp is on its knees. What player wants to spend half their weekend travelling the state for a game of soccer when you can stay in your region and easily find a competitive game. Times have changed as players, their families and club volunteers are busier than ever.

The clubs do not have the resources or volunteers to fund a state league program. The Laka cup provides an opportunity to travel into different regions. Generally if your successful in the competition you'll travel at least twice.

The standard has dropped alarmingly in the last 2-3 years too.

Media interest has waned (not your good self, Walter) and there is little to no publicity for the sport at senior level.

Let's concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Football Tasmania has being poorly lead for a while we need a local , CEO someone in touch with the football community then and only then will we get they change we need .

Anonymous said...

NPL will go ahead. FT must have made some concessions, which is a good gesture by them that shows they want what is best for the game as a whole. I believe the clubs did the right thing also by putting some pressure on FT and not just accepting what is dished out for a change.

Anonymous said...

that's good news but you hope that this is extended to ALL CLUBS otherwise it's Discrimination.