Thursday, August 27, 2020

Olympia Warriors and coach Andrew Brown part company

Photo:  Andrew Brown at a press conference earlier this year [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors have dismissed coach Andrew Brown, who was in his first season with the club.

Brown coached Hobart United to the Southern Championship title last season.

He joined Olympia, along with his sons Callum and Declan from Glenorchy Knights, and Lachlan, from University late last year.

Photo (L-R):  Andrew Brown, Callum Brown, Lachlan Brown and Declan Brown after joining Olympia late last year [PlessPix]

In a statement issued this morning, Olympia Warriors president, George Mamacas, said:

“Yesterday we parted ways with Andrew Brown.

“The club wishes him well in the future.

“Robert Clarke will be taking over the NPL squad for the rest of the 2020 season.”

Photo:  Olympia Warriors president, George Mamacas [PlessPix]

Olympia started the 2020 NPL Tasmania season badly and lost their opening three games to be at the foot of the standings.

They lost 1-0 to Clarence Zebras, 3-1 to Glenorchy Knights and 3-2 to Devonport City in their opening three games.

Olympia seemed to have turned the corner in their fourth outing when they despatched Riverside Olympic 5-1 at Warrior Park.

That was followed up by a 2-1 win over bottom-side Launceston City at Warrior Park.

Last Saturday, Olympia drew 3-3 with Kingborough Lions United at Warrior Park.  They led 2-0 at half-time and trailed 3-2 with half an hour remaining before a late free-kick earned them a point.

Photo: Rob Clarke (left) will now coach the side [PlessPix]

They are currently in fifth place and are due to entertain third-placed South Hobart at Warrior Park this coming Saturday evening.

It is not known whether Andrew Brown’s sons will now leave Olympia or whether they will continue to play under Rob Clarke.

Photo:  Jack Ryan (right) will be missed by Olympia [PlessPix]

Olympia centre-forward Jack Ryan will play his last game for the club against South Hobart on Saturday before returning to the UK because of family reasons.

Andrew Brown said:  "Thanks to the players for their incredible efforts in 2020 under unprecedented circumstances."


Anonymous said...

George Mamacas the Roman Abramovich of Tasmanian Football, only one difference Chelsea still manage to win silverware whereas Olympia Warriors do not.

Anonymous said...

Sacked after only six games out of 14 - the last three of which netted seven points. Righto then. In a year when the whole world is freaking out and turned upside down, might a coach in a Tasmanian football competition be given a little bit of leeway? Nice work, Olympia admin.

Anonymous said...

George was screaming the other week against White Eagles to the players to get up for a set piece which annoyed Alex Holmes who told George to shut up.
Leave the coaches to coach and Admin should keep to running the club.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous August 27, 2020 at 1:02 PM

That is funny Olympia has won 5 summer cups 2 Laka cups and a State title since 2013.

Unless you are from South Hobart or Devonport your club has won nothing.

Anonymous said...

I was gunna say they should have all gone to Clarence Zebras ,, But the zebs didnt need them to beat Olympia

Anonymous said...

You are correct, although anyone who tries to use the Summer Cup as a measure of success is pretty desperate. The reality is that Olympia have done poorly for all the money they have thrown at their team in recent years and have rarely got the best of their players. The constant changes and lack of cohesion are evident. Even big clubs like Liverpool recognise success takes time. If Mamacas had been in charge, Klopp probably would have been sacked in his first season.

Anonymous said...

Reply to August 27 3:50 PM

5 summer cups? You mean the tournament of pre-season practice games? lmao.

They have won 2 Laka's and 1 League in what will be 8 years. Do you know how much money they have poured in?

Anonymous said...

They are the Paris Saint "Georgemain" of Tas, except they can't even win the domestic league.

Anonymous said...

To be honest the writing was on the wall when Brown seemed to think one of the most talented players in the Comp was a bench player ... Knights are laughing now .....I don’t doubt Marmarcas has passion but he should be judged on results and do the right thing and step aside as that place badly needs a fresh face ... money only goes so far as we’ve seen

The Phoenix said...

Im expecting this thread to light up.

Anonymous said...

will the Brown boys stay.....

Anonymous said...

I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I wrote on here as soon as he was appointed this would not last and was correct. Never going to work. Only reason he was given the job was to get the twins. Some on his decisions have been awful. Olympia only have themself to blame

Anonymous said...

Still don’t understand the logic behind Olympia appointing Rob as coach at the start of last year
then out of the blue Brown is appointed in Robs place and Rob his assistant.
There must have been underlying reasons which everyone seems to think was to
get the Brown boys to the club.
very strange . Did Rob not really want to be senior coach deep down?
Now it’s all blown up in their faces.
It appears that many decisions made as made for the wrong reasons. This seems to be
a trait of Olympia. They just can’t get anything right .

Anonymous said...

Olympia have hade Four coaches in four years? They need some stability. Maybe the people or person who makes the appointments should have a review into the process. Six games into as season with many new recruits seems a little unreasonable, all be it from the outside of the club.

Anonymous said...

While I'm no fan of Mr Brown I think he has been used by George for 1 reason. We all know what that is and its now pretty blatant considering he
was just starting to get them playing good football.
Its no wonder I see lolympia on here. Seems its a suitable tag for them.

Anonymous said...

Bizarre really. So the team/coach has had a bad start to the abbreviated season with little or no chance of winning the title. I would have thought it was a perfect opportunity to start to consolidate some up and coming juniors, try something new etc etc. Of course Browns error in not using Nkoso and letting him go was a very bad error of judgement but there has to be more to it than that. Perhaps he just got tired of being berated and his players abused by you know who. Olympia has a long and proud history it seems to lurch from one crises to another with the occasional season with success. South Hobart had been top of the pile for years, have now dropped a peg or two but you don't hear or see any disruption from them, players may come and go but the core is strong. Knights had hit the lowest of the lows a few years ago now in the process of climbing the heights again, still a work in progress, but it is all about administration and support. You either have it or you dont..

Mr Darcy said...

Can't believe not one of the " four coaches in four years" hasn't taken George aside and said ' mate could you just nip up to the Mornington tip shop and see if you can get some old scaffolding. The garden gnome cam doesn't cut it as a coaching tool! Failing that I've heard you've got a 'cherry picker' hidden under a tarp somewhere. "
Yes and all of us that cannot make it to the ground this evening would also appreciate it just to see the South 'mosquito fleet ' in full flight!! The team as a whole did not turn up for the Knights game but given the tone of the Kemp interview this won't be happening tonight. Should be a great game.

Anonymous said...

If you think it sounds like a scratched record you may be right, found an LP at the tip shop by The New Sneekers, fourth scratch fifth song whent something like “ hey there Georgie boy, why did all the Brown boys just pass you bye” Off to Coachella again post season to lure another temp.