Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Olympia Warriors win the Southern Championship title

Photo:  Olympia's Abdelrahman Azab races for the ball [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors won the Southern Championship title this evening when they beat University 1-0 at Warrior Park.

University went into the game in first place and 2 points ahead of second-ranked Olympia and needed only a draw to claim the title.

Olympia’s win saw them finish top, a point ahead of second-placed University.

Photo:  Olympia Warriors with their championship trophy [PlesspIx]

How the Students lost the game will remain a mystery.

They missed several excellent chances in the first half and Olympia were lucky to still be in the game at the interval.

It was mainly a case of poor finishing rather than any crucial saves that Elliot Hoysted had to make.

It was a very physical contest and the tackling was ferocious and it was obvious that the title was at stake.

Photo:  Olympia's Warren Wadawu involved in a touch-line tangle [PlessPix]

Seven minutes after the resumption, Olympia scored the decisive goal.

Warren Wadawu broke down the left and his cross was met by Evan Arnold, who bravely headed past Manny Hennicke a split second before copping a punch to the jaw from the keeper as he tried to clear.

Arnold required treatment and, as this was being administered, Hennicke was shown a yellow card, his second of the game, which meant a red.

As Hennicke made his way from the bench to the dressing room, he crossed paths with Arnold, who was being escorted back to the bench for treatment.  In a wonderful sporting gesture, both players embraced and enquired as to the other’s welfare.

Photo:  Evan Arnold heads the winner a fraction of a second before University goalkeeper Manny Hennicke can punch clear [PlessPix]


Photo: The ball flies in to the net while goalkeeper Hennicke's attempted clearing punch connects with Arnold's jaw [PlessPix]

Photo:  Mr Kopra shows Hennicke the red card after issuing a second yellow [PlessPix]

Three minutes after the goal, University again missed some incredible chances.

Sam Platts headed a left-wing cross against the Olympia crossbar, while Tom Roach struck the rebound wide.

Photo:  University's Hugh Undy in possession [PlessPix]

As the half wore on, University continued to create chances that went begging.

Olympia occasionally threatened, but substitute goalkeeper Matthew Griffiths had little to do.

When Mr Kopra blew the final whistle, Olympia were champions and University were left to ponder how the title had slipped from their grasp.

Photo:  Evan Arnold keeps two University defenders occupied [PlessPix]

In the other game tonight, New Town White Eagles beat Hobart United 4-1 at KGV Park in what was Eagles coach Andrew Leszczynski’s final game in charge.

Callum Back netted twice for Eagles, whose other goals came from Sam Leszczynski and Jacob Clamp.

The win meant Eagles finished fourth and Hobart United third.

Photo:  University conduct a post-game post-mortem [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

These teams met twice this season and both times Olympia boys came away with a win. Their great defensive play on show again at this game.The play was pretty even with both sides having their turn of command and attempts on goal. I think we watched a different game last night Walter, credit where credit is due. Hold your heads up Uni, as you lost to a very good side. I do agree about the GK sportsmanship after being sent off though, well done to that man.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed in FFT. As an ex-Tasmanian living interstate, I was hoping to be able to watch this game. How often does a league come down to the last game of the season?

No live-stream. No Slice of Cheese updates. Not even a peep on advertisement on their facebook page.

The best I had was Rhodesy's facebook comments.

It is very clear what leagues FFT care about, and which ones they don't.

On a side note - Congrats Olympia. Those fellas are a quality outfit.

Anonymous said...

Further to my last comment, Walter and Rhodesy, the Tasmanian football community are very lucky to have you!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree
Why no live feed?

Richo said...

Congratulations to Olympia. They've been great this season and they did the job. However, to the person who thought it was an even contest on the park, I gotta say nup, that's a very skewed perception. I agree with Walter. Olympia defended desperately and effectively. Uni's finishing was poor on the night. Hit the bar, goal line clearances. Compare the number of chances - Olympia's 4 to University's 12. The ball was in Olympia's half and 18 yard box for long periods even when Uni were down to 10 men. Ten men who just didn't score. Also gotta say Walter's photos are so great. The pics of the red card incident are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

The Southern Comp was ruined when FFT allowed NPL players to drop down and play in the Southern Comp. This allowed NPL teams to one week have a strong team and the next a lesser team.

The game should have been played on Friday night as scheduled - it was moved to suit Olympia as they had players playing in the cup games on Sat. Most players play in one side only.

Olympia had over 35 players playing in the Southern Comp - makes a joke of it.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Rhodesy and Walter we know nothing about ,Southern Championship or Northern Championship and under great effort by both again .

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anon 12:51 PM

I never thought I would defend Olympia, but I think the request to move the game from Friday to Wednesday was a fair one.

The majority of the Olympia Champ side are U20 and were playing in the state U20 final.

This move had nothing to do with the NPL side playing in the final.

It would have been very unfair for the Olympia Champ side to back up the Friday game with the U20 state final.

Anonymous said...

From the FT CEO: Lastly I would like to thank the Directors of Football Tasmania. They are also volunteers like so many of you and have worked tremendously hard to help navigate us through 2020.

Perhaps a highly moot statement - it may be true - but we never hear from the Board - no minutes of any meeting - the annual financial statements are withheld from the footballing public - they tolerate poor FT admin. - I reckon most would doubt the Board's efficacy. Roll on a new Chairman.

Anonymous said...

That's rubbish. The comp infact hardly changed.
You were the envy of the state. A balanced league in terms of participants. Olympia have a very good youth set up currently so their championship side were a success, similar to the 20s many of whom were in both sides. There weren't many NPL players in champ squads because most NPL squads needed them for their own games. If Uni had of made the CUP final then the game would get moved. The right decision was made. Why does having 35 players in the comp make a joke of it?
Having clubs promoted into it when their clearly not ready and struggle to 2 wins in 2 seasons makes a joke of it.

David Webb said...

Is it actually true that there is no financial report presented at the AGM anymore. I haven't been for three or four years but there certainly used to be...I'd be amazed if that's true. Walter do you know or does any club president following this know?

Anonymous said...

I saw the Eagles game and what could of been for Eagles. Their loss of form for a month cost them. They were very dominant against a very good team in Hobart united.
What a great competition the Championship is. the closeness is like no other I've witnessed before. Should changed it's name to the NPL.

Anonymous said...

I think the point is that finances are tabled at agm for a select few but not placed on FT website. all other mainland feds place their annual finances up on their websites for football public to see.

David Webb said...

Makes sense...well they definitely should go on the website. Surely that is standard practice? I guess that's your point...

Anonymous said...

Yeah Eagles are a decent side but they are a desperately thin team, had a few injuries to key players and couldn't cope, on paper their best XI is up there but unfortunately its a squad game. Their defence is also a bit on the slow side in parts, although they did beat Hobart and kept a clean sheet against Taroona, the teams with quicker players do expose a couple of players. Maybe with a new coach next season and a reinforcement or two they'll challenge a bit more?

Taroona were significantly better this season, Uni quality again, Hobart a bit up and down and I don't think Beach play good football but they make life hard for the top teams, it is a good second tier - I just wonder how the NPL teams fit in long term, Zebs and Kingo struggled with Lions dropping their champ 1 side, Knights played the bulk of their best side in Champ 1 and South a bit young and inconsistent, only Olympia who have the resources made the top six, and whether that holds now Mamacas is gone who knows?