Monday, December 14, 2020

I almost walked alone to watch this movie, and other news snippets

Photo:  Liverpool FC before the game against Sydney FC on 24 May 2017 [PlessPix]
I had the pleasure of watching a documentary about Liverpool FC at Village Cinemas in Hobart on Sunday afternoon.

“The End of The Storm” documents Liverpool’s EPL triumph in 2019-20.

It was their first EPL title and the first league title the club has won in 30 years.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and was disappointed there was only one screening in Hobart and that it was not widely advertised.

Apparently, a local Liverpool FC supporters’ club arranged for the screening in Hobart.

There were only about eight people in attendance, but there are, of course, hundreds of Liverpool supporters in Hobart and I imagine they’ll get to watch the film at some time in another way.

Jurgen Klopp is at the heart of the film and interviews with him feature prominently in the movie.

It also features interviews with Liverpool fans in other countries, including Brazil, India, Japan, China and America.

Photo:  40,000 showed up in Sydney to watch the Reds [PlessPix]

Several players are interviewed at length and the movie documents how Liverpool’s aspirations were almost dealt a mortal blow by the Covid pandemic.

There’s nothing like watching football on the big screen and this movie is a perfect example of this.

Training sessions are shown and the physical fitness and athleticism of the squad is evident.  The players are lean machines and there is no sign of surplus kilos on any of them.

It was a great way to spend a couple of hours on a hot Sunday summer afternoon and it was a pity that the event was not more widely advertised.

It reminded me of the movies about Maradona and Bert Trautmann, which screened at the State Theatre some months ago and which, sadly, did not attract large audiences despite the fact the Covid pandemic had not struck here yet.


New Town White Eagles will have a women’s team in the Women’s Southern Championship next season.

Shane Revell has been appointed coach and he is excited at the prospect.

There will be a ‘meet and greet’ event at 6pm at the Polish Club on Wednesday, when prospective players can meet and find out about the plans for 2021.

Pre-season training will start on Tuesday, 19 January 2021.

Revell said:  “It’s a new and exciting challenge for me and I am looking forward to it.”


I wrote recently about Eli Luttmer joining Glenorchy Knights for the 2021 NPL Tasmania season.

Olympia Warriors’ Nick Mearns and Adam Gorrie have also joined Knights.

It looks as if Knights will have an abundance of riches in their playing squad and coach James Sherman’s biggest challenge could be to keep all the players happy.

Knights had a very strong squad last season when they finished second, but with the latest additions it’s going to somewhat hard to keep everyone happy by giving them game time.

I have also heard whispers that Olympia’s Ben Hamlett and Loic Feral may be heading back to their former club, South Hobart.




Anonymous said...

Knights out to buy a title.

Anonymous said...

Lucas Hills gone to Knights as well.

Anonymous said...

My God! What will Olympia do?

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like they won't have to be paying a bunch of under achievers.

Anonymous said...

Knights reckless spending is making a mockery of the NPL.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares now a days. The league has lost it's edge along time ago. Kenny has lost his fresh hold on being the dominate club in Tassie. There's no relegation so really not much interest in the league.
as Dale Itichins would say"It is what it is"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Walter you should have put a notification of the film on here then some of us could have gone.

Walter said...

Great idea. The problem is I only found out at the last minute from a friend in Sydney and made a last-minute decision to attend.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the WSl competition teams been announced yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter, any news on the upcoming NPL season? Practice games etc?

Anonymous said...

South Hobart and New Town Eagles will be having a practice match next Wednesday 6:00pm at Bell St ground.

A-League said...

Randomly searching for something concerning football/soccer ended up with me landing on this page. Thank you for a few enjoyable reads. =)

I just hope that someday there will be an A-League club from Tassie.