Sunday, February 21, 2021

Saturday Summer Cup Results - 20 February 2021

Photo:  Kingborough's Kobe Kemp beats Clarence Zebras' Joshua Jones with a penalty [PlessPix]

NPL Summer Cup

Clarence Zebras 1-2 Kingborough Lions United

Olympia Warriors 9-0 Launceston City

South Hobart 8-1 Riverside Olympic

Photo:  Olympia's Warren Wadawu (left) pressures Launceston City's Nicholas Thorne.  Wadawu came on as a late substitute and proceeded to score four goals in 20 minutes. [PlessPix]

Southern Championship Summer Cup

Kingborough Lions United 0-5 New Town White Eagles

Olympia Warriors 2-3 Taroona

South East United 0-5 Glenorchy Knights

University 1-2 South Hobart

Photo:  Eagles' Sam Leszczynski, who scored a hat-trick, evades a desperate tackle by a Kingborough opponent. [PlessPix]

Women’s Summer Cup

South Hobart 1-4 Clarence Zebras

Kingborough Lions United 16-0 New Town White Eagles

Glenorchy Knights 0-7 Taroona

Photo:  Eagles' David Cox (left), who was making his debut, is lined up for a tackle by a Kingborough opponent [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

whats the problem with the northern npl clubs

Anonymous said...

I would read to much into the eagle's women's game. they did well for the first 15 minutes, fatigue kicked in after 20 minutes and loins did look good but some of their gaols were just from eagles mistakes.
Does anyone know why there is no interchange in the Summer Cup? This just doesn't make sense who ever brain child idea it is.
I will say that people who have been bagging Kingborough need to pull their heads in as to have 3 players up for Matilda selection is fantastic, credit to Simon and the program.
This says that Kingbourgh are the Number 1 for women's football and until the likes of South, Warriors, Clarence can say they have done the same.
Some may say they only finished 3rd last year, well I would say how many of your clubs player have been on the radar for National selection?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.02pm.

You are joking aren't you? The "loins" number 1 for women's football????
I guess time will tell. 3 players up for Matilda selection - but the other clubs you mentioned still managed to beat them quite convincingly last year. It takes a team to win not individuals mate.