Friday, August 20, 2021

Six things to watch out for this weekend

Photo:  The Devonport huddle before a game. [PlessPix] 

1.  Will there be a new league leader in the NPL Tasmania competition?

If Devonport lose or draw against Launceston City on Saturday, Glenorchy Knights can go to the top with a win over Olympia Warriors.

Devonport won 1-0 away at Buckby Motors Park earlier this season and they beat City 2-0 at Valley Road, so it looks as if this third meeting between the sides could be a close affair.

Knights beat Olympia 1-0 at KGV Park earlier this season while the return game at Warrior Park ended all square at 2-2.

Both games could be close and we may see a new league leader, or merely the status quo with 3 games to go after this weekend.

2..  Who will be on top at the end of the weekend in the Men’s Southern Championship, the second-tier competition?

Current pacesetters New Town White Eagles lead second-placed University by 3 points and have a slightly better goal-difference (+40 to +35).

Eagles are away to 9th-placed Kingborough Lions United, while the Students face 4th-ranked Hobart United away at Weily Park.

Eagles and University must both be favoured to win.

If Eagles lose, University could be the new leaders if they win by a significant margin and if Eagles were to lose by a sufficiently large score.

If both win, then it would be steady as she goes at the top of the standings with 4 games to play.

3.  Clarence Zebras will be officially presented with the Women’s Super League trophy at Wentworth Park tomorrow, where they play 5th-placed Launceston United at noon.

Clarence Zebras, coached by Ronnie Bolton, are the runaway winners of the WSL.

They are a massive 19 points ahead of second-placed Olympia Warriors.

Photo:  Zoe Nichols (left) is the top scorer for Clarence Zebras and in the Women's Super League. [PlessPix]  

Zoe Nichols is Clarence Zebras’ top scorer with 22 goals, while team-mate Allie Berry has 15 to her name.

These are significant contributions toClarence Zebras’ title success.

Clarence Zebras have been waiting for a home game to receive the trophy in front of their fans and tomorrow is the day.

4.  Will there be any changes in the quest for the Golden Boot in the NPL Tasmania competition?

Devonport’s Brody Denehey is the league’s leading marksman going into Saturday with 19 goals.

He is followed by South Hobart’s Nick Morton with 14 and Glenorchy Knights’ Nick Mearns with 12.

Kasper Hallam of South Hobart is next with 11 goals.

Photo:  Brody Denehey airborne in a game against Olympia. [PlessPix]  

I doubt whether Denehey can be overhauled this weekend and he must be favoured to win the Golden Boot Award for 2021.

5..How many coaches take notes during a game as they watch from the technical area?

South Hobart supremo Ken Morton is one who does.

Photo:  South Hobart coach Ken Morton taking notes during the game against Olympia. [PlessPix]  

In the recent movie about former Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, the retired boss says he never took notes.

Ferguson said he relied on his memory.

It’s an interesting point.

I admire Ferguson for the skill of remembering what occurred during the first half and being able to give his team information and advice based on his observations without needing a written record.

That was par for the course in the old days.

One cynic, however, suggested to me to rethink that.  He said Ferguson probably had a team of statisticians analysing the play and gave him the information he need at the break.

I guess that may indeed be true.

Be that as it may, have a squiz at the game you’re watching this weekend and see if any other coaches, apart from Ken Morton, take notes.

I’m not one hundred per cent sure, but I think I’ve seen Devonport’s Chris Gallo taking notes from the sideline.

6..Finally, how many local players are good enough to move interstate, for example, and play at a higher level?

This weekend, as you watch games, pretend you are a scout for an interstate team, or even an A-League team.

Watch individual players and assess things such as technical skill, physical fitness, speed, ability to read situations and the game, tactical nous, courage, resilience, attitude, and contribution to the team’s style of play.

At the end of the game, imagine you have to submit a report to the club who employed you as a scout.

Make a list of players you would recommend for a trial.

How many, if any, will you come up with?

It should be an interesting exercise and it should give you a better impression of the standard of the local leagues.

Enjoy your weekend watching the greatest game in the world.



Anonymous said...

The biggest issue with players moving to the mainland is there attitude. Alot think they are going to be walk up starters straight away and are not prepared to put in the hard yards. Theres a couple of youngsters who might be up for a trial but if you look around the league espeically at the top 2 apart from Bidwell there is not many in the right age bracket and who are good enough

Anonymous said...

As a seventh point how come the South Hobart oval (regtangle) is all of a sudden being mentioned in social media circles as a recreational area. Doesn't seem to be much reference to its primary use as a football ground. It's been used for games at the highest level in this state for decades. Looks like a sad outcome to me!

Anonymous said...

Next weekend could decide the Southern Championship Title when Eagles play Uni at Clare St. Eagles win or draw and the title is basically theirs.