Saturday, September 18, 2021

Saturday results - 18 September 2021

Photo:  New Town White Eagles' Sam Leszczynski (left) about to be brought down for a penalty by Lions' Jack Bearman. [PlessPix] 

Men’s Southern Championship

New Town Eagles 4-2 Kingborough Lions United

Taroona 3-1 Glenorchy Knights

University 1-2 Hobart United

South East United 1-1 Beachside

Olympia Warriors 1-2 Metro

Photo:  New Town White Eagles goalkeeper, Mitch Stalker, scores a penalty against his Kingborough Lions United opposite number, James Ross,  in their Men's Southern Championship game at KGV Park today. [PlessPix]
Photo:  The New Town White Eagles Men's Southern Championship 1 side which won the league title.  They beat Kingborough Lions United 6-3 today.  Coach Adam Shackcloth was given the championship medals by Football Tasmania during the week and asked to present the medals himself to the players.  This was a very poor gesture by Football Tasmania. [PlessPix]
Photo:  A tussle for the ball in the Championship 1 game today. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Eagles' Lucas Eugster blocks a Kingborough shot by Michael Stephens. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Eagles' Ben Whitehall crosses before Lions' Vincent Turner can block. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Sam Leszczynski scores against Lions today. [PlessPix]
Photo:  New Town White Eagles celebrate their Southern Championship title. [Photo by Keith Butler]
Photo:  Eagles parade their trophy. [Photo by Keith Butler]


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely poor by Football Tasmania. Is it time for a complete clean out. A bloody disgrace to treat the competition like that.
Unfortunately there are no consequences for there poor performance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter
Fabulous coverage as usual.
Maybe football Tasmania had more important things to do today, like being vaccinated

Anonymous said...

Who gave out the Championship medals? did White Eagles present their own medals for this as well.

Anonymous said...

This just shows fts priorities they don’t care about the championship

Anonymous said...

I went to watch this game and there was a couple of great moments from this game.

1. The white Eagles women's team arrived from a function i would take it from the dress code singing the club song. I have never heard any clubs women's team sing at the Men's game.

2. when the presentations finished someone got all the clubs supporters and women's player to join the senior team to sing the song. That was Special I thought.

3. From what I saw Saturday this club is back and going places. The comradeship is there to see for all. a now destination for players whether you are male or female.

4. NPL clubs could learn a thing or two from this.

Well Done White Eagles, a long time coming.

Unknown said...

Disgraceful. I did see football fed getting their heads on TV at the Launceston Cup on Sat!!

JL2 said...

You pay all this money in rego for a $3 medal which you have to present your self what an absolute disgrace from FT no wonder why people like myself are no longer interested in playing the fame anymore it’s time for FT to get there crap together and get out of our game

Anonymous said...

It's hard to have a clean out of Football Tasmania, when there is no left anyway.

But at least the board all have nice new biographies on the FT website... what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Congratulations New Town Eagles, what an amazing season your club has had.

Secondly, FT you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves! And that includes every facet of the dismal organisation. You have basically proven that you are only interested in putting on a show for the games that may get media coverage. The other leagues that compete pay their registration, play week in, week out and provide just as much entertainment for the supporters. But you lot wouldn't know because apparently you have your heads where the sun don't shine.
How hard would it be to send a board member, or representative staff member to present the medals?? As 'Anonymous' said above, the only reason the majority of the people are on the board is to pretty up their resumes. And I know the media 'department' will be reading this and will probably asked to have it removed, but we are over the inconsistent and unprofessional manner in which an organisation, that is paid for by clubs, players and supporters is run. But of course when narcissists are in control, then it isn't their fault, it is everyone else who is to blame.

Charlie C. said...

Yes - there is a lot to complain about re FT - especially the poor communication from the Board etc. to the lack of transparency with the finances.

Two things FT could do to turn things around are to place their 2020 financial report on their website and arrange at least quarterly meetings of members (not just the board).

The only way for the football public to change things is to take action - akin to what the npl clubs did to get more money due to covid etc.

The AGM in next January/February is an also opportunity to vent one's spleen if necessary. But be aware that the FT constitution states:

5.6 Conduct of general meetings
The chairman of a general meeting: ....

(b) may require the adoption of any procedure which is in their opinion
necessary or desirable for proper and orderly debate or discussion or the
proper and orderly casting or recording of votes; and

(c) may, having regard where necessary to the Corporations Act, terminate
discussion or debate on any matter whenever they consider it necessary
or desirable for the proper conduct of the meeting.
A decision by the chairman under this article is final.

Anonymous said...

that's a good piss take if I've ever read one. I'm fairly sure there was a lady and some grey haired fella from FT at the Senior presentation, no idea who they were.

Anonymous said...

Charles, After reading the constitution you have kindly posted. I think the only option is for the clubs to meet without FT and Delegate people to go and see the Minster for Sports & Recreation.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget they had the trophy down at lightwood anticipating a strikers win and had no organisation for knights at kgv either

Anonymous said...

Sack the board

Charlie C. said...

Ok - so for Tassie sporting organisations, the State Government have guidelines that focus on three principles one of which is Transparency, Report and Integrity.

A sporting organisation board must provide members and key stakeholders with a comprehensive annual report which includes financial statements.

So the question is have ALL clubs (all clubs are FT members) been provided with a 2020 annual report which includes financial statements. Certainly the sporting public have not via the FT website.

If any club has not received a comprehensive 2020 annual report they should be raising merry hell with FT and/or the state government.

Anonymous said...

Walter, do you know what date the southern awards night is on?

Walter said...

Anonymous 8.38pm: I'm afraid I have no idea. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Southern Awards are Friday night

Anonymous said...

The awards are this Friday the 24th of September

Anonymous said...

Media Department of Football Tas is a joke what a disgrace not letting ,Walter know about the awards nights seeing he made the effort to cover the league.

Shane said...

Hi Walter
Did you receive an invitation to the Southern Awards night?

Walter said...

No, Shane. I did receive one to the NPL and WSL Awards night but did not attend.