Monday, September 6, 2021

Sunday results - 5 September 2021

Photo:  Action from the Women's Championship game between Clarence Zebras and Glenorchy Knights. [PlessPix]

Women’s Southern Championship

University 9-0 Olympia Warriors

Clarence Zebras 3-1 Glenorchy Knights

Taroona 0-2 South Hobart

Kingborough Lions United 2-4 New Town White Eagles (Sarah Dutton 3, Holly Ryan)

Photo:  Clarence Zebras versus Glenorchy Knights Southern Women's Championship action at Wentworth Park. [PlessPix]  

Women’s Southern Championship 1

Kingborough Lions United 1-1 New Town White Eagles

Clarence Zebras 0-0 Glenorchy Knights

University 15-0 Olympia Warriors

Taroona 0-2 South Hobart

Photo:  A Clarence Zebras defender shields the ball from a Glenorchy Knights opponent. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Wow 9-0 and 15-0. Not much depth at Olympia

Anonymous said...

4:35 PM
They struggled to field teams all year. Not sure FT made the right move for the women's comp.

Anonymous said...

4.35pm where have FT gone wrong regarding womens comp?