Thursday, March 31, 2022

Covid postponements, photographs, and our latest Socceroo

Photo:  Nathaniel Atkinson (left) in action for Melbourne Heart against Tasmania at KGV Park. [PlessPix] 

At least three games have already been cancelled for the coming weekend because of Covid.

The NPL game between Kingborough Lions United and Clarence Zebras at Clennett’s Lightwood Park is off, and so is the Women’s Super League curtain-raiser between the same clubs.

The Women’s Super League match between South Hobart and Taroona is also postponed.

At this rate, the season will finish next year, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I hope Football Tasmania advertises these postponements so that fans don’t make unnecessary journeys that end in disappointment and inconvenient expense.


I want to explain something about my photography as there are incorrect interpretations of my situation doing the rounds.

Football Tasmania has not banned me from taking match photographs.  I am free to do so, but I haven’t been to many games this year.

The only restrictions they applied were in relation to team photos and team celebrations after the recent Summer Cup Finals.

Football Tasmania’s official photographer was given priority in terms of taking these photos on the pitch after the finals.  After that, it was open slather and all photographers could take pictures.

All photographers other than the official Football Tasmania photographer were also barred from entry to the dressing rooms to take photographs.

I wasn’t upset in the slightest.  I rarely go into dressing rooms.

And, I have often taken team photos or photos of celebrations from the steps of the grandstand, which offers an excellent vantage point.

It doesn’t bother me in the least as there are other ways of getting photographs without being on the pitch.

I have been free to take match photos as I wish.

I hope this sets the record straight.


Congratulations to Nathaniel Atkinson, 22, on his Socceroos debut in the 1-0 loss to Saudi Arabia in a World Cup qualifier.

Atkinson hails from Launceston, where he played for Riverside Olympic before joining Melbourne City and currently Scottish club Heart of Midlothian.

Incidentally, Hearts actually played at North Hobart in 1959, when they beat Tasmania 10-0.

The last Tasmanian to play for the Socceroos was Dominic Longo in 1998.

Atkinson also played for the Olyroos at the Tokyo Olympics last year.



Anonymous said...

Why describe the WSL match as a 'curtain raiser'? Isn't it of equal importance to the men's game?

Anonymous said...

Because that's what is is you politically correct useful idiot. If you had your way, I suppose you'd play the men's and women's game at the same time on the same pitch.

Anonymous said...

To April 1, 2022 at 3:06 AM
Please a dose of reality for you. Women's football will never be of equal importance when compared to the men's game. If you think this you have no clue about life.

Hang on a minute I get it you were making an April fools joke. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

NEVER is an interesting word

Anonymous said...

It may well be an interesting word but it is very applicable in the sentence above.