Saturday, March 26, 2022

Saturday results - 26 March 2022

Photo:  Kingborough's Declan Taylor in action against Riverside Olympic. [Photo by Tanner Coad] 

NPL Tasmania

Devonport Strikers 0 lost to Glenorchy Knights 1 (L Dzalakowsi 24’)

Riverside Olympic 0 lost to Kingborough Lions United 4 (D Taylor, N Mies 2, A McKeown)

Olympia Warriors 0 lost to Clarence Zebras 3

South Hobart v Launceston City [Postponed]

Women’s Super League

Devonport Strikers 7-0 Taroona

Southern Men’s Championship

South Hobart 1-2 Taroona

University 6-1 Glenorchy Knights

South East United 1-4 New Town White Eagles

Hobart United 1-1 Hobart City Beachside

Olympia Warriors 0-4 Clarence Zebras

Metro 1-4 Kingborough Lions United

Northern Men’s Championship

Launceston United 3-4 Burnie United

Somerset Sharks 2-1 Launceston City

Devonport Strikers 0-1 Northern Rangers

Northern Women’s Championship

Devonport Strikers 0-3 Northern Rangers

Launceston United 0-3 Burnie United

Somerset Sharks 2-6 Launceston City

Southern Men’s Championship 1

South East United 1-10 New Town White Eagles

South Hobart 3-2 Taroona

Hobart United 4-1 Hobart City Beachside

Northern Men’s Championship 1

Somerset 3-4 Launceston City



Ray Carroll said...

Hi Walter - I did not get the 'word' that the South Hobart game had been cancelled due to 'Covid' & arrived at the ground only to find out from two players leaving the ground after a training session. How does Football Fed. Tas. let the public know that games have been called off ?. I'd be interested to know so I don't waste my time travelling up from the Channel for nothing !. I'm sure if it had been a 'Footy' game or cricket the message would have been on one of the radio news services ?.

Anonymous said...

Check the FT may be or maybe not updated.

Jace said...

Not sure on anybody else’s take on it but I thought the Olympia Club statement and the apparent ‘’Talking To’’ of those Foul mouth little brats on the halftime Live stream was actually flat out Weak and just not good enough

Anonymous said...

To March 28, 2022 at 6:35

Do you really think this is the clubs fault? I would suggest the problem was that the video persons microphone was left on. I think an apology from the Video people is much more applicable to this situation. The club was not complicit in this at all. Not one little bit.
Common sense tells me leaving the microphone on was the only reason why it happened.

I look forward to hearing an apology from the Video people.

Anonymous said...

What statement? What happened?

Anonymous said...

Sadly Football Tasmania is getting worse bring back Edo .

Anonymous said...

Bad result that for Devonport with a playing list like that they should be very comfortable every week.