Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Quarterfinal draws for State-wide Cups

Photo:  Devonport Strikers goalkeeper Keenan Smith is likely to get a good work-out against Glenorchy Knights. [PlessPix] 

The draw for the various State-wide cups was conducted today and here are the quarterfinal pairings:

Lakoseljac Cup

Kingborough Lions United v Hobart United

South Hobart v Riverside Olympic

Northern Rangers v Olympia Warriors

Glenorchy Knights v Devonport Strikers

State Under-20s Cup

Launceston City v Glenorchy Knights

Devonport Strikers v Clarence Zebras

Riverside Olympic v Ulverstone

South Hobart v Olympia Warriors

Women’s State-wide Cup

Kingborough Lions United v Ulverstone

Metro v Taroona

Launceston United v South Hobart

Devonport Strikers v Clarence Zebras

The games are scheduled for the weekend of 6-8 May 2022.


In today’s women’s State representative match at UTAS Stadium in Launceston, Tasmania drew 1-1 with Western United.

Jazmine White scored Tasmania’s goal.

In the A-League game, Western United downed McArthur FC 2-0.

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Anonymous said...

The game was worthwhile watching to see how well Western United passed the ball around especially for a development team.