Friday, April 15, 2022

Vale Ahmed Abdaltam (1959 - 2022)

Photo:  Ahmed Abdaltam in 2011. [PlessPix] 

 I learned today of the sad passing of a friend and a brilliant footballer, Ahmed Abdaltam.

He passed away in Egypt aged just 63.

Ahamed played professionally in Germany and Greece before coming to Australia and he played and coached at a number of clubs in Tasmania.

He played for Olympia, Juventus and Glenorchy Knights and, despite being hampered by a serious knee injury, he was outstanding.

His technical skills were excellent and his reading of play was first-class.

Photo:  Ahmed Abdaltam in his days as Metro's coach. [PlessPix]  

After his playing career ended, he turned his hand to coaching and showed astute tactical knowledge and understanding.

He coached Juventus, Olympia, Glenorchy Knights and Metro.

He always demanded high standards from his players and teams and was able to demonstrate what he wanted.

Photo:  Ahmed Abdaltam as coach of Metro-Claremont. [PlessPix]  

I enjoyed many hours of watching football with Ahmed and discussing tactics and teams and players.

When Ahmed returned to Egypt a few years ago, he presented me with a marvellous gift:  a blue, warm, fleece-lined Nike coat.  I still wear it to the football today and it always reminds me of Ahmed.

Photo:  Ahmed Abdaltam set exacting standards as a coach. [PlessPix]  

Ahmed’s brother, Atif, still lives in Tasmania and has been involved as a youth coach, especially with Olympia.

My condolences go to Ahmed’s family and friends.

He really was one of the finest players to have come from overseas and play in Tasmania and he had a profound influence on several clubs and many players here.

Photo:  Ahmed Abdaltam deep in thought while coaching Metro. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

RIP to a good man.

Eamonn Kelly said...

Nice words Walter, well said, RIP Ahmed.

Mike Denton said...

Lovely man. Met him several times during my time in Tasmania and always enjoyed chatting to him. RIP Ahmed

Brayden Mann said...

So sad to hear of this news.
A gentleman of the game! Always enjoyed our football chats at the bakery while he was working security in the early hours Sunday morning. Rest in peace Ahmed