Friday, March 29, 2024

Lakoseljac Cup - 29 March 2024

Photo:  Joshua Redfearn (right) scored four goals for Knights this evening against Taroona. [PlessPix] 

Lakoseljac Cup Round-of-16, KGV Park, Friday, 29 March 2024)

Glenorchy Knights 5 (Thomas Walpole 38, Joshua Redfearn 57, 62, 70, 80) beat Taroona 0

Taroona requested this game be changed from Friday to Thursday as they would have eight players missing because of the Easter period.

They received no satisfaction from Glenorchy Knights and so the game went ahead on Good Friday evening.

Taroona held their own for the first half-hour without creating any real chances.

Photo:  Joshua Redfearn misses from close range. [PlessPix] 

The Knights on the other hand probed and looked for weaknesses and could have scored a couple of goals before Thomas Walpole broke the deadlock in the 38th minute.  He picked up the rebound after a shot was blocked and beat Taroona keeper Isaac Scott.

Knights played one-touch football frequently but failed to capitalise with the final pass until Walpole struck.

Photo:  Joshua Redfearn threatens again. [PlessPix] 

The second half belonged to New Zealand import Joshua Redfearn.

He made it 2-0 in the 57th minute and 3-0 five minutes later as Taroona began to struggle.

Goals in the 70th and 80th minutes took Redfearn’s tally to four and the Knights’ to five.

They have now scored 18 goals without conceding one in their past three game in all competitions.

Photo:  Knights captain Tyler Harrison was very vocal through the game as he urged his team on to greater effort. [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights coach James Sherman said:

It was an entertaining game.

I thought Taroona set themselves up really well and there were a couple of little things there that surprised us.

Scott’s done a really good job there, particularly for the first 30 minutes, I thought.

After that, we really kind of got a little bit more composure in the game and built some tempo and rhythm and we could probably have had two or three more before half-time.

Photo:  Knights' Riley Dillon (left) is stopped by Taroona defender Riley Pitchford. [PlessPix] 

Second half, I think the subs made an impact.  That was a really good match for us, still having to work hard at the end, and that’s a credit to Taroona..

We’ve had 13 goals in the two previous games and Joshua [Redfearn] had only had one, so that’s a sign we’ve got some goals in us.

He might not have been on score sheets, but he’s certainly contributed to them.  Today, it was nice to see him offer some really good movement, in particular in the 18-yard box.  There were a couple of one-touch finishes there which is the sign of a good striker.

I was happy for him to get some goals.

Photo:  Taroona coach Scott Gannon shouts out instructions. [PlessPix] 

 Taroona coach Scott Gannon said:

We put out the best team we had available today.  I can’t fault the boys’ efforts, but when you take eight of your starting players out of the equation It’s going to be a very difficult night.

I don’t think the boys deserved to concede five for all the effort.  And, the attention to detail and the change of formation in a short space of time was really good.

But, ultimately, that’s the difference between NPL and when you come up against Championship and Championship 1 players in a tough cup game.

It is what it is, but it’s just a shame that we couldn’t have two full-strength teams playing each other.

Photo:  Knights players celebrate Redfearn's (third from right) fourth goal. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

You enter a comp when you know games are to be played over the Easter weekend, if 8 players are unavailable then sorry, should not have then nominated

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.22.
100% spot on. That is why they are in the Championship ( social) League

Anonymous said...

Good on Roona for making a game of it but lost some credit with making that excuse public.

Anonymous said...

Typical Knight$

Anonymous said...

Did the Taroona coach mean to say he had 8 starting players available? Looking at Taroona starting lineup on 16 March, there were 8 starting players that also started against Knights last night.

Anonymous said...

Exactly don’t enter the comp if you won’t have a team. Not like they would have been able to play at home on Thursday night.
How about the forfeits happening. FT should hand out heavy fines for clubs that enter the cup and forfeit first game. The schedule is released well in advance.

Anonymous said...

You’ll find that knights prefer Friday night home games. Sorry for having supporters that like to come to games. Played Good Friday last year as well. No complaints last year.

Anonymous said...

From all accounts the new Taroona coach has come from a reasonably good background in the same, so perhaps he wasn’t expecting things to be so amateurish down here. 50% of our NPL teams are social and nothing close to the required NPL standards, let alone championship level. Apparently he is doing good things with his group, but may need look at making the step up if possible. I agree, can’t be making excuses after the game, but that could have been the emotions boiling over. Personally, I thought Taroona played well and certainly had a sound structure for the first 45-60 minutes. Good luck to them this season! Good to see some intelligent coaching at this level!

Anonymous said...

Why would taroona even ask? Perhaps they were taking the piss?
No club would change the game for this pathetic reason.
Nor should they.

Anonymous said...

Apparently FFT scheduled the game for Thursday and Knights asked to change to Friday! Taroona didn’t agree but the game went ahead on Friday anyway. I feel Knights would have won regardless but I get Taroona’s coach point. He’s just trying to win games… I’m told he’s on more money than most NPL coaches?! Like his cash and grab at Launceston.. hey Scott 😉

Scott Gannon said...

Anyone that wants to question me or my team, can find me at the Domain, Tuesday and Thursday nights. You’re more than welcome confront me and question me to my face. My boys are doing great things!! SG 💪🏻

Anonymous said...

You will find that Knight$ are only interested in themselves and not football in Tasmania. How hard is it to move a game?
Do not get me wrong I think Knight$ would have still won. How are is it though to accommodate a clubs request ? Not hard at all unless you Knight$.

Anonymous said...

SC 10.11.
You have just shown your immaturity by responding to the comments.
You should be setting the example for your players and club.
You have been here a very short time and the two games
I have watched Taroona play in this year you gave been shown the yellow card in each game.
Grow up and be a little more professional.

Anonymous said...

Would devonport moved the game to Thursday night? Would Clarence of moved it to Thursday night? Would south east united have moved it? Draw a home game and u can play when you like.

Anonymous said...

How do you know it’s actually him? You a wizard?