Thursday, June 27, 2019

South Hobart to host Marconi in FFA Cup

South Hobart will host Marconi Stallions from New South Wales in the FFA Cup Round-of-32 next month.

South Hobart must now find an appropriate venue for the game, which will be played at night on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.

South Hobart Oval does not have floodlighting, which rules it out as a venue.

Full Round-of-32 FFA Cup Draw
  • Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar
  • Perth Glory v Western Sydney Wanderers
  • Melbourne Victory v Newcastle Jets
  • Tigers FC v Hume City
  • South Hobart v Marconi Stallions
  • Adelaide Olympic v Floreat Athena
  • Magpies Crusaders v Coomera Colts
  • Olympic FC v Bayswater City
  • St George v Sydney United 58
  • Darwin Olympic v Edgeworth Eagles
  • FC Bulleen Lions v Moreland Zebras
  • Mount Druitt Town Rangers v Manly United
  • Maitland FC v Central Coast Mariners
  • Melbourne Knights v Adelaide United
  • Campbelltown City v Melbourne City
  • Brisbane Strikers v Wellington Phoenix

Marconi have fallen on hard times since they were a power in the old NSL competition.

Tasmania’s Australian international defender (13 caps), Dominic Longo, played for Marconi for eight seasons (from 1996 to 2004).


Anonymous said...

This highlights how poorly we have been treated over the years, as a soccer community.

There have been no advancements or proper upgrades on the existing grounds (KGV becoming astro turf was a disastrous move) and no new purpose built stadiums.

South Hobart now have to approach the AFL Tasmania for assistance to host this game as we don't have the infrastructure ourselves. It's embarrassing and will take away most of our South's home ground advantage.

It also shows how FFT have failed us in the last decade.

Anonymous said...

Why not Lightwood? Best lights, great surface, the parking from twin ovals and netball courts can be used. Bring in a some mobile stands for the right hand side and it could be a great night.

No need to go to the AFL.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more

Anonymous said...

Well said anon #1. The lack of vision from FFT over the years in this area is nothing short of a disgrace. Cricket, Tennis, AFL, swimming, basketball and hockey all have top notch facilities while soccer languishes with a dilapidated KGV. It's embarrassing when other teams from interstate have to come and play there.

I've never heard anything from FFT about them going to the government to ask for upgrades or funding. There's just no ambition from them and it hasn't changed in decades. It's an organisation that is happy to live in the past and refuses to change.

The only thing keeping the game going in Tasmania is the excellent work done by all the clubs and their volunteers.

I got so fed up with paying $400 a season in the lower leagues that I quit playing the game. No refs, rostering that changed weekly and an organisation (FFT) that treated the lower leagues with disdain.

Anonymous said...

Lightwood nowhere near suitable enough. If a crowd of $5000 expected it is nowhere big enough
If it rains no one will go either.
Still think North Hobart is the best location

Anonymous said...

North Hobart would be a great venue but I wonder if it has enough Lumens?

Anonymous said...

Think back to the wet night at Valley Rd when people crammed in to see Port beat Jaffas, no dry cover, no parking, but a great night.

Anonymous said...

9.29 am. I didn’t go it was too wet.
I am sure the game will attract many more than went to Devonport,
Devonport a small ground and when you get a couple of thousand people
it will be a good atmosphere.
If they don’t get 5000 to 6000 at the game then I believe it will prove that football in
Tassie does not deserve an A League team.
Now that the basketball situation has progressed as quickly as it has , look out.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no reason why football, basketball and Alf couldn't cohabitate in TAS.
Football is summer, Alf winter and basketball for insiders.