Friday, October 11, 2019

Sam Leszczynski wins prestigious awards for New Town Eagles

Sam Leszczynski won New Town Eagles’ best-and-fairest award in the club’s Southern Championship side for the 2019 season.

Andy Clark was the Most Consistent player, while Leszczynski also won the Golden Boot Award for the top scorer.

Hamish Moore took out the best-and-fairest award for the club’s Southern Championship 1 side, and Mark Vernon was the Most Consistent.

Mitch Free was the top scorer in the Southern Championship 1 team.

Ronan Longden was the best-and-fairest for the Championship 3 team and Cooper Anderson was the Most Consistent.

The Bogdan Dora Medal for the Championship 6 side was won by Chau Tran.  Bogdan Dora passed away earlier this year.

Jamie Cook was New Town Eagles’ Rising Star.

The Young Player-of-the-Year was Cooper Anderson.

Ben Coates took out the Golden Boot Award for the Championship 6 team.

The Ladbrokes Goal-of-the-Year Award went to James Vernon.

The Spirytus Award was claimed by Liam Brown.

The Plachta President’s Award went to John Grundy.

Photo:  Some attendees at the New Town Eagles awards night were (L-R) Braydon Hawkins, Blake Crossan, Jamie Cook and Sophie Leszczynski.
Photo:  Shane Revell (right) presents the Young Player of the Year Award to Eagles player Cooper Anderson.

Photo:   Cooper Anderson (left) with his Most Consistent Award for the Division 3 team and Shane Revell.

Photo:  Shane Revell (left) presents Ronan Longden with the Best-and-Fairest Award for the Division 3 team.

Photo (L-R):  Cooper Anderson, Toby Butler, Monty Piesse and Ronan Longden.

[All Photos courtesy of Shane Revell of New Town Eagles]


jerry kruijver said...

great to see so much life in the non npl clubs and thanks for keeping us all informed walter

Anonymous said...

Johnny Grundy, what a Legend!

Anonymous said...

Word is Cook and outstanding keeper, NPL Clubs will have him on their radar no doubt for the future his dad was a jet in goal if he is half as good wow .

jerry kruijver said...

let us hope common sense enters Tassie football and non npl clubs can reach the npl with the talent they grow and not see their best being bled off other clubs

Anonymous said...

Jerry K what are you talking about. The championship clubs are feeder clubs to the NPL and play a very important role in that regard. That is their reason for existence in Tasmanian Football.