Friday, October 18, 2019

Tony Bacic resigns as Glenorchy Knights president

Photo:  Tony Bacic, a former star player with Glenorchy Knights and president for the past four years, has resigned [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights president Tony Bacic has resigned.

He held the position for the past four years, a time during which Knights won the Southern Championship title three years in a row and earned promotion to the NPL Tasmania top-flight competition.

It was also under Bacic’s tenure that the Knights secured the KGV Park headquarters building as their new club rooms.

Renovations have yet to begin on the building.

Bacic cited family reasons for his resignation.

Glenorchy Knights issued the following media release yesterday:

“Glenorchy Knights FC wishes to advise that Tony Bacic has recently resigned as President of our club.
“Tony has been our President for the last four years. Whilst we are saddened to see Tony step aside, we acknowledge his significant contribution, commitment and what he has achieved for the Glenorchy Knights over that time.
“Tony’s leadership, hard work and dedication cannot be overstated. One of his most significant achievements has been to oversee the return of Glenorchy Knights to the top tier of football in Tasmania, the National Premier League. His vision and leadership has also seen the establishment of the Knights Football Academy for our youth, the inclusion of players from overseas, the securing of key financial sponsors, a reconnection of our club to the National Croatian Soccer Tournament and the growth of a strong and motivated committee.
“Tony’s leadership and ongoing legacy is perhaps best signified by the Glenorchy Knights securing a home club room at KGV Football Park. The work to enable this to happen and his commitment to ensure the Glenorchy Knights have a true foundation from which to continue to nurture and grow players of the future was always his priority.
“We wish Tony the very best and look forward to his continued support at future club events and games.
“Thank you Tony for the commitment and support you have given our players, supporters, coaches, club staff, the committee and Tasmanian football.
“The Annual General Meeting for the Glenorchy Knights will be held on Tuesday 3 December, 7pm at KGV Football House. Vice President Linda Bonnitcha will take on the role of President in the interim.”

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He did a good job.