Monday, October 5, 2020

Keenan Douce free-kick was a gem

Photo:  Keenan Douce netted a brilliant free-kick on Saturday night [PlessPix]

Keenan Douce’s goal from a free-kick for Kingborough Lions United against Clarence Zebras on Saturday night was a gem.

It was his first league goal of the season and it was a beauty.  [He also scored a goal against Clarence Zebras in the Lakoseljac Cup this season.]

That took the score to 4-1 in favour of the Lions after leading 3-1 at the interval and they ended 5-2 winners.

The free-kick, in the opening minute of the second half, was given just outside the right-hand corner of the penalty area and Clarence Zebras did the normal thing by lining up their defensive ‘wall’ nearest the ball and positioning the goalkeeper to cover any chips aimed over the wall and towards the far post.

All the coaching manuals prescribe this set-up.

It’s the keeper’s task to ensure his ‘wall’ is well set up and covering the near post.

At the risk of committing sacrilege, Douce’s free-kick was a bit like one that the great Diego Maradona used to execute, albeit with his magical left foot.

Maradona would run up as if he was about to send a left-footed chip over the wall, before suddenly stopping and slicing the ball with the outside of his left foot, low and around the outside of the ‘wall’ so that it curled inside the near post.

Douce used his right foot to curl the ball around the outside of the ‘wall and inside the near post.

It was deliberate, well-practiced technique and a brilliant goal and it deserves to be a contender for the ‘goal of the season’.

One could argue that the ‘wall’ was not perfectly positioned, but be that as it may, Douce’s technique was outstanding and he deserves accolades for the goal.

Kingborough’s free-kicks are usually taken by Chris Downes, but he was suspended and so the job fell to right-back Douce.

“Chris Downes is such a prolific free-kick taker, but he was out so it was an opportunity for some boys to potentially step up,” Douce said.

“When that ball was there I kind of looked at Jez [coach Jez Kenth] and thought, ‘Can I have a go?

“He kind of gave me the nod so I just had it in my mind to sneak it in between the wall and the post.

“I spent a bit of time during COVID practising and it finally paid off in the game, which is a bonus.

“It was good.”

Photo:  WIN TV's Brent Costelloe interviews Keenan Douce at Football Tasmania headquarters today [Photo by Kester Takayama]

Douce dismissed suggestions that he would now take over the free-kick taking role from Downes.

“I don’t think that’ll be the case but I’ll have a chat to him during the week to just say, ‘Look mate, if you don’t feel as confident as you usually do, I’m more than happy to step up,” Douce said.

“I mean, he’s been unbelievable.  He’s been really good from set-pieces this year and I don’t see that stopping now.”

Have a look at the highlight clips of the Lions’ game against Clarence Zebras and see what you think of the goal.

I loved it because it showed that players at NPL Tasmania level can do extraordinary things if only they are willing to think outside the square, practise techniques and show confidence in their own abilities.

Photo:  Kingborough Lions United's Keenan Douce at today's post-match media conference [Photo by Kester Takayama]


Anonymous said...

Great strike, but there is absolutely no need to have the outside player of the wall, lined up with the post from a free kick that is on the wide side of the box. If the ball was in a central area, fair enough, the wall has to cover a bit more of the actual goal.

If the keeper is covering the far post, then from where the ball is positioned, the wall can be at least another metre outside of the near post.

That way, the only way they are scoring is over the wall to the near post side or by chipping the ball in for someone to head it. If they try to shoot keepers side, it would have to be an extraordinary side to be the keeper.

It's little things that can potentially win or lose you games, and the zebras keeper should be knowing this.

Saying all that, it's great thinking and creativity from Douce to score so clinically.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, are you serious , take a look , the outside player on the wall for Clarence Zebras actually squeezed in a bit so it never hit him the poor darling , yes it was a good shot but come on it was a little lucky and a lot of poor goal defence , “ I’ve been practicing during Covid “ oh my god

Anonymous said...

Think Cookes free kick earlier in the game was just as good not sure why he didn’t get a mention somewhere but really a full article on this goal is a little over the top and it doesn’t come close to Mckeown’s bicycle volley earlier in the season which would have to be goal of the year by a long way

Anonymous said...

Great strike but questions over the keepers reaction. Should've been saved from that angle.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.28 .
Clarence just do not seem to have any understanding of the game and certain situations where certain situations require a specific reaction.
Clarence just seem to play with spontaneous reaction throughout the game rather than a structured plan / tactics etc . Just a very poor side.

Anonymous said...

Is it me but the media side off FFT looks tired and not intrested in 2020!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Cooling was commenting junior footy for the TSL... Maybe he's doing a Damian Gill soon?

JL2 said...

Yes it was a good goal but The wall was set horrendously poor keeping

Anonymous said...

October 6, 2020 at 8:30 AM;

You could say that about most of the goals in that game.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.58. I agree.
Kingborough just not as bad as Zebras but both bad.
Kingborough keeper was way better than Zebras.
Maybe the only difference between the two .

Anonymous said...

Look the media side of FFT have little or nil experience playing the game and it shows ,Walt does and you can see the difference week in week out keep the live feeds get commentators that have played at the highest level and or ex coaches and or WALT!

Let's be honest it is a mates club and needs addressing !

Anonymous said...

So the FFT media man is working for the AFL instead of covering football games what a joke !

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.50 am.
Finally someone who understands.
You are 100% correct. That’s why professional leagues in all sports
have ex players / coaches as commentators . Because they know what they
are talking about and can relate and see things that non experienced
people don’t. Regardless whether it is EPL it NPL in Tasmania the same applies.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 12.15pm.
Think you'll find the FFT Media Man you are talking about isn't the FFT Media Man anymore, and hasn't been for a few months. He just commentates games on the weekend, so he's free to do whatever game or sport he wants.