Thursday, October 1, 2020

South down the Lions in a game that should never have been played

Photo: South Hobart's Andy Brennan confuses Kingborough's Keenan Douce [PlessPix]

(Lakoseljac Cup quarterfinal, KGV Park, Wednesday, 30 September 2020)

South Hobart 5 (B Lakoseljac 7, A Brennan 16, 45+3, K Kemp 25, S Berezansky 80)
Kingborough Lions United 2 (C Downes 6, J Sammut 70)

HT:  4-1   Att:  180   Ref:  N Coad

South Hobart:  Moncur  -  Herweynen, Kibler, R Morton, Larby  -  de Souza (Lancaster 81), Kemp, Morton  -  Hallam (Berezansky 46), Lakoseljac, Brennan (Tooze 75)  (Subs:  Reid [GK], Divin)

Kingborough Lions United:  Mackie (Hayers 81)  -  Douce, Cuthbertson Cowen, Trac  -  Vivarelli (Turner 46), Downes, Kantzos, Sammut  -  Hall, Martin (Bridge 63)  (Subs:  Davis, Nugent)

Photo:  Chris Downes (third from right) receives the plaudits of his Kingborough team-mates after opening the scoring [PlessPix]

Justice was done when South Hobart beat Kingborough Lions United 5-2 in the replay of the Lakoseljac Cup quarterfinal to qualify for the semi-finals, where they will meet Glenorchy Knights.

South Hobart had beaten Kingborough 3-1 on 6 September but Football Tasmania ordered the game replayed after an error was found in the South Hobart team-sheet.

South Hobart, hammered 6-3 by Olympia Warriors in the league last Saturday, made two changes to their line-up for this game.  Mark Moncur replaced Nathan Reid in goal, and Reilly Morton came in at centre-back in place of Declan Foley.

The changes worked and South Hobart adopted a very attacking approach from the outset.  Kobe Kemp and Guilherme de Souza were the only midfielders when South attacked and adopted a virtual 4-2-4 formation with Nick Morton, Bradley Lakoseljac, Andy Brennan and Kasper Hallam interchanging at will up front across the width of the park.

Photo:  South Hobart's Andy Brennan sprints past Kingborough's Nick Cuthbertson [PlessPix]

Despite this attacking formation, it was Kingborough who took the lead after 6 minutes through an excellent attack.  South Hobart lost possession wide on the right and Kingborough immediately seized the opportunity to launch an attack of their own.  A long diagonal ball from left to right by Phil Kantzos found James Hall on the wing.  He found a way past Ewan Larby and reached the byeline and crossed low towards the near post where Chris Downes knocked the ball home.

It took only a minute for South to draw level through Lakoseljac.  Tobias Herweynen sent a high ball into the box from deep on the right and Morton cushioned the ball into the path of Lakoseljac who was untroubled in firing home from close range.

In the 12th minute, Kingborough keeper Lee Mackie did well to block a powerful shot from Kemp with his legs.

Photo:  Andy Brennan is congratulated for his first goal [PlessPix]

South took the lead in the 16th minute after poor defending by Kingborough.  Hesitation and misunderstanding between Nick Cuthbertson and Danny Cowen allowed allowed ASndy Brennan to nip in and score to make it 2-1.

Kingborough were lucky not to be reduced to 10 men in the 25th minute as goalkeeper Mackie should have been sent off.  First, he clattered into Hallam and, as the ball rolled free, he retreated and upended Lakoseljac as he was about to score.  Mackie was shown a yellow card for the offence against Hallam, but his only punishment for the foul against Lakoseljac was the awarding of a penalty.  Kemp tucked away the spot-kick to give South a 3-1 lead.

Three minutes into stoppage time at the end of the first half it was 4-1 as Lakoseljac’s short-corner on the right released Brennan, whose long-range drive flew into the net.

Photo:  South Hobart's Guilherme de Souza heads as Kingborough's James Hall can only watch [PlessPix]

South relaxed in the second half and Kingborough gave themselves a glimmer of hope in the 70th minute when Keenan Douce’s long-range effort struck the crossbar and Joel Sammut finished calmly to make it 4-2.

Five minutes later, Downes was shown the red card after collecting a second yellow and that ended Kingborough’s fight-back.

Sam Berezansky, who had replaced the battered Hallam, made it 5-2 in the 80th minute when Mackie lost control of the ball and overran it, allowing the South striker to roll the ball home into an empty net.

Photo:  Kingborough;s James Hall tries to get past South Hobart's Ewan Larby [PlessPix]

Berezansky almost got a second, but his effort came back off the crossbar.

South Hobart fully deserved the win, while Kingborough’s defensive frailties were again revealed.

It was a perfect night for football and a good crowd attended what was in reality a game that it should never have been necessary to play.

Photo:  Nick Morton looks for a pass [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Thanks Walter for another excellent match report. I agree totally that it was a match that should never have been played...if only South Hobart had maintained their usual impeccable standards and done the paperwork properly it wouldn't have.

Anonymous said...

South just too good . Having said that they botched quite a few chances.
Thought keeper for Boro was pretty good overall. Kicking was spot on .
Great one on one save in second half.

Jacko said...

And now for Clarence Zebras to belt them as well

Anonymous said...

WTF: When did South Hobart start using the New Town Eagles club song. This is poor form by South and shows no respect towards Eagles. By the way Kenny and south, Learn how to sing the song you morons.
Not Happy.

Anonymous said...

a good win by South on the field but off the field they show a lack of respect towards New town singing their Song. It looks like Eagles have been striped of their feathers.
For many a year New Town have been singing this song and south Hobart decide it's now their song.
Does New Town know about this? if not it would be a shocking surprise.

Anonymous said...

The Newtown Eagles song ? How is any club expected to know any other club's song unless they hear it all the time ? How would an NPL club whether it is South or any other club be expected to know The Eagles song , when they play in another competition to Eagles. I doubt it very much that South went out of their way to sing the Eagles song intentionally. I presume you are referring to the tune and not the words ????? If so then anyone can sing their own words to any tune , unless of course Eagles released that tune in the past and have it copyrighted.

J J said...

Oh come on fellas, so your not going to be happy about Darcy st being renamed Morton Park ?

Anonymous said...

Which member of New Town wrote the music and the lyrics?

Anonymous said...

South Youth policy is well in place what a disgrace !

Anonymous said...

It was a Celtic and Everton song before it was NTEs so pipe down you nugget.

Anonymous said...

hope the Lions lied about starting eleven and get a re re match, last 15 was typical European style time waisting, Aussie refs should move the play on and not tolerated players sitting down on the job.

Anonymous said...

So after a 100 odd years South decide that their song is no good. I can't believe it took them that long. I think new town have been singing this for over 50 years.
I do have an idea how about South and New Town have a sing off and who ever sings it better gets the gig and Walter could be the judge.

WeeTam said...

Anonymous @ 10.46...The song you refer to is actually the Celtic song and was sung by the players of Olympia back in the mid seventies I know because I started it, being a mad Celtic supporter. Playing in that team at the time was one Eammon Kelly who moved to Eagles and decided it would be a good idea to introduce said song to his new team mates. When south adopted it I don't know. It's a good tune though isn't it.
Cheers, Tommy Wright

George said...

We got the best team in the land.
Fond memories Tommy Wright .
We sang it many time esp at Sandfly and Margate grounds.

Anonymous said...

Which song is it?

Anonymous said...

It's all Greek and Polish to me, Tommy.

George said...

I think it is .
It's a grand old team 2 play for.