Sunday, July 4, 2021

Sunday results - 4 July 2021

Women’s Super League

Kingborough Lions United 2-3 Clarence Zebras

Women’s Southern Championship

Glenorchy Knights 2-1 South Hobart

Kingborough Lions United 0-3 Clarence Zebras

Olympia Warriors 0-6 New Town White Eagles

University 7-0 Taroona

Men’s Southern Championship 6

Metro 1 (own goal) lost to DOSA 3 (own goal, Callum Ramage, Samuel Burns)



Anonymous said...

Bad form from Eagles not allowing Olympia to field 11 players in the Southern Women's Champs because a player had played the previous Champs 1 match and was not allowed to come on as a substitute.
Can someone please clarify if this is not allowed uner the current rules.

Anonymous said...

What the hell??? So how is the Clarence Zebras WSL keeper allowed to start in both the WSL and Championship teams each week? Maybe the question needs to be asked of FT.

Anonymous said...

How is this correct when the Clarence Zebras WSL keeper can start in the WSL and Championship games? Maybe someone needs to look into this also.

JL2 said...

There are a different set of rules for keepers to outfield players

Anonymous said...

Is Champ 1 a lower league than Championship? If so, I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem. Perhaps if they had played Championship and then tried to play Champ 1 is would raise an issue.

Anonymous said...

Rule states that any player who starts champ 1 Can Not start for Champ. Trying to bring a player on as a substitute is not correct with 10 as it is classified as a starting player.
Fairly sure New Town found this out first game of the year from Craig from South Hobart and Tony.
The players were allowed to come on as interchange. What were you watching ?
You can interchange but as long as you keep the original amount of players on the field.
6:26pm better off knowing the rules before you shout your mouth off. Stupid rule i know but rules are rules.
It's an automatic loss of 3 points if that player entered the field which she did
Who's fault Olympia didn't have enough players to field a team?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous July 5, 2021 at 10:44 PM
Whatever happened to the spirit of the game and having even numbers on the park. I can understand a player being sent off for red card but if they already had the numbers there to start the game and they are not blatantly team stacking from a higher division. Yes stupid rule if it is in fact the rule. To the detriment of the game and the supporters watching in my view.

Anonymous said...

Similar issues in the Men's social leagues. Players can't play Champ 2 due to having benched one game for Champ earlier in the season, resulting in some champ 2 teams not having numbers while their club's Champ and Champ 1 are full and leaving people out! It is a farce