Thursday, April 6, 2023

Knights out to avoid 'banana skin' moment against Hobart City Beachside in Lakoseljac Cup

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights coach James Sherman at today's media conference. [PlessPix] 

Eduardo Castaneda has left Glenorchy Knights.

The midfielder is believed to have been unhappy about the game time he was being given.

He is believed to be moving to South Hobart, but because of the new transfer windows that fall in line with professional football around the world, he won’t be able to play NPL for South Hobart until June.

He will still be eligible for South Hobart’s NPL Under-21 and Southern Championship sides.

Photo:  Eduardo Castaneda (right) has left the Knights, while Austin Yost (centre) is probably out for the season after dislocating his shoulder for a third time, and new Canadian import Daniel Sagno (left) is starting to make his mark. [PlessPix] 

Glenorchy Knights kick off their 2023 Lakoseljac Cup campaign tomorrow night against Southern Championship outfit Hobart City Beachside at 7pm at KGV Park.

Knights coach James Sherman said he was very satisfied with the new artificial pitch and the new floodlights.

He said the new pitch played much better than the old one and he was hoping there’d be some dew on the surface with a 7pm kick-off.

He said training was conducted with the floodlights at about half power and that was still better than the old floodlights and he expected the new lighting at full power for games to be spectacular.

Photo:  James Sherman in the media spotlight today. [PlessPix] 

Sherman said some of his players would be rested against Hobart City Beachside but a few who had come in last week against Riverside Olympic would retain their places.

Daniel Schmidt and Jack Turner were two who played last weekend and they should increase the Knights’ firepower tomorrow night.

Sherman said his team would start as favourites but he expected the visitors to adopt an adventurous approach as they had nothing to lose.

Hobart City Beachside got a walloping last weekend against New Town White Eagles and look to have little chance of a giant-killing feat against Knights.

Photo:  The television and print media were out in force at today's media conference at Football Tasmania's new offices at Rugby Park. [PlessPix] 

“You couldn’t call us underdogs as we’re playing a team in the league below us who are going through a bit of a rough spell,” Sherman said.

“We’ll be full of confidence and I think it’s important that we look to play with confidence, too.

“They’re quite a young side and I know they’ve lost a couple of experienced players over the past season or two.

“From the little bits I’ve seen them pre-season, they seem to be well organised and they have lots of energy, so I expect that to be the case for the first 20 or 30 minutes.

“We’ll have to be patient and make sure that we look to control the game at the right moments.

“We need to be aware of that ‘banana peel’ sort of moment.  It’s possible, but a professional side makes sure that those sorts of incidents are limited and I suppose that’s the key for a fixture like this.”

Photo:  James Sherman said new players would be made aware of what the Lakoseljac name meant for Glenorchy Knights.  He said he would rest some players who had played many games and give runs to those in need of game time. [PlessPix] 

Sherman said he emphasises the need to avoid complacency every week for every game.

“For a top-end side, you try and limit that, and for us, it’s crept in sometimes.

“There was no sign of it last weekend and it was a super performance away from home.

“The week prior to that [the 1-0 loss to Launceston City], it was littered with it [complacency].

“It’s most important that we look to get rid of complacency.”

Sherman said that new Canadian signing Daniel Sagno was progressing well and was making the team better when he played.

“I can’t ask for much more,” Sherman said.

Sherman said Hobart City Beachside coach, Enzo Botte, would probably be looking for a way to spoil the Knights’ party tomorrow night but that Knights would be prepared for that.



Anonymous said...

Gedi Krusa to Riverside! Here we come!


Anonymous said...

It would appear that they’re a quite a few young coaches in Tasmania who have listened to pundits and played fifa and now think they are experts. One thing the TV can’t teach you is man management. The City staff have come undone in a matter of weeks and now knights are following a similar path

Anonymous said...

Like expert anons thinking they're expert on blogs 8.48

Anonymous said...

Just shows how to treat a player that’s given their all for a club like City who scratched the bottom half of the table for years. New inexperienced coach comes in and undos all that! Justice for Gedi! Good on him

Anonymous said...

Was watching the City vs Knights game at kgv and noticed Gedi leaving at half time of 21’s….. only played 21’s the couple weeks before and didnt appear in many of the Summer Cup games….. something else going on here I think…. Maybe the new inexperienced coaches are trying to establish a standard and someone isn’t wanting a bar of it.

I'd also suggest strong rumours of Gedi shopping himself around to other clubs the last few summers would suggest he isn't as loyal as some may think.

Anonymous said...

Standard? This is Tasmania. The standard is low. Watching some of the trainings tells me the coach has a weetbix coaching card found in the bottom.

Anonymous said...

This sounds very much like a certain opposition coach who has a grudge against the city coach. Never seen bagging of the club like this before

Anonymous said...

Agree 1:23AM.

Or possibly an ex-coach that has been overheard being quite negative about the new coaches on the sidelines during Summer Cup.

Interesting that City has recruited well locally of some players that were targeted by by certain other Northern clubs that may not have gone to City otherwise and their coach/club has a target on their back all of a sudden.

Also interesting that City won in the 15s, 21s, NC and drew the 17s all at Valley Road last weekend. Make of that what you will.

Anonymous said...

Why did Gedi leave Port for City mid season in 2020???

Anonymous said...

Yep its all Devonport's fault, they are definitely to blame for all of this for sure.

Anonymous said...

Fairly certain Gedi was at City for all of 2020.

But there have been rumors over the years that he fell out favour at Port in 2018.

Anonymous said...

City have always been strong in the youth teams, quite a few under 18’s titles won. These haven’t translated to success in the past so hanging your hat on them for the future doesn’t seem the wisest

Anonymous said...

Seems someone is trying to stir the pot between Dev and City. Both teams have mates playing for each other so move along! Seems like someone from another team is trying to pretend and talk absolute trash