Thursday, April 13, 2023

Quarterfinal draws for Lakoseljac Cup and State-wide Cups

Photo:  The quarterfinals will be played between 28 and 30 April 2023, and the first-named team is the home side. [PlessPix] 

The draw for the Lakoseljac Cup quarterfinals is:

South Hobart v Glenorchy Knights

Launceston City v Clarence Zebras

Kingborough Lions United v Devonport Strikers

Riverside Olympic v Hobart United

The draw for the Women’s State-wide Cup is:

Ulverstone v Devonport Strikers

New Town White Eagles v South Hobart

Kingborough Lions United v Clarence Zebras

Launceston United v Taroona

The draw for the Girls’ Under-17 State-wide Cup is:

Devonport Strikers (Bye)

Launceston City v Kingborough Lions United

Launceston United v Clarence Zebras

Taroona v South Hobart

The draw for the Boys’ Under-17 State-wide Cup is:

Kingborough Lions United v South Hobart

Launceston United v Glenorchy Knights

Launceston City v Devonport Strikers

Hobart City Beachside v Clarence Zebras

The draw for the Under-21 State-wide Cup is:

Burnie United v Devonport Strikers

Kingborough Lions United v South East United

Launceston City v Glenorchy Knights

Clarence Zebras v Riverside Olympic 

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