Saturday, November 7, 2009

Action at South Hobart

Above are some more old photographs from South Hobart.

They were on display recently at the Moonah Community Centre, having been salvaged from the Hobart tip.

The top photo is goalmouth action at the southern end of the South Hobart ground. I would be grateful if anyone could identify the teams and players.

The remaining photos show Hobart Juventus (white shirts) and Launceston Juventus (striped shirts) before a game at South Hobart.

The teams have been introduced to Mr Vic Tuting (in the case of Hobart Juventus, by Mr George Garlington, a former referee and Juventus official) prior to the kick-off.

The houses and shop in Darcy Street in the background are still recognisable today.

The referee is Hans Heiermann.

The Hobart Juventus goalkeeper is Karl Jaegar and the players (including reserves) I think I can identify are Ezio Longo, Phil Owen, Joe Hanna,Remo Carnevale, Dominic Rizzolo, John Genovesi, Ronnie De Felice and Tommy Watson, while the coach is Duncan Summers.

The only Launceston Juventus player I recognise (in the tracksuit top nearest the referee and linesmen) is Hans Streit.

I must thank Adrian Pickin for sending me the photos.

If anyone can identify other players and give other details about the game, I would be grateful.

It is obviously a state-wide final of some description.

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