Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three clubs still to name coaches, and the problems of substitutes

Clarence United, Kingborough Lions United and Taroona have yet to name their senior coaches for the 2010 Premier League season.

My bet is that all three will retain their coaches from the past season, namely Andrew Brown (Clarence), Geoff Freeman (Kingborough) and Ben Horgan (Taroona).

The three men did the job required.

Brown took his team from fourth place to win the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy and the State championship.

Freeman kept Kingborough Lions away from the wolf’s door, namely relegation.

And, Horgan won promotion to the Premier League for his club.

Now that we are into November, some clubs will commence pre-season training in the next couple of weeks, so it will be interesting to see player movements.

One that I do know of is teenager Jayden Hey, who will move from First Division Northern Suburbs DOSA to Premier League outfit Olympia, where his father, Chris, is the new coach.

Hey Jnr is also an accomplished athlete and his speed was quite evident in football.

Athletics training is obviously doing him a world of good in his football career and it will be interesting to see how he copes at a higher level.

* * * * *

No-one likes to be substituted.

Originally, no substitutes were allowed in the game, but we have now moved to the situation where three are permitted.

Ronaldinho’s reaction to being substituted for AC Milan in the 2-2 draw with Napoli last weekend was an eye-opener.

The famous smile was gone and he brushed aside the attempted handshake from the man replacing him.

Not only that, but he snubbed coach Leonardo as well.

In fact, he did more than that. As Leonardo, himself a former and very accomplished Brazilian international, went to shake hands, Ronaldinho brushed his coach aside and actually dropped his shoulder and bumped him as he stormed to the dugout.

It will be interesting to see if Ronaldinho faces disciplinary action for his behaviour.

And, Rafael Benitez, the Liverpool manager, has been at it again.

Liverpool lost their fifth match of the season on Saturday, going down 3-1 away to Fulham.

They went 1-0 down before Fernando Torres pulled them level.

And, what was his reward for equalising? Benitez substituted him immediately.

Torres was far from happy and showed it, while Fulham were inspired and went on to win.

To add insult to injury, Liverpool also had two players sent off.


Krauser said...

it was one all at half time and torres played 20 minutes of the second half ;)

Anonymous said...

so, any other players moving clubs? not long till pre season must start for some clubs.

Metro FC said...

Are you sure there is only three Premier League clubs yet to announce their coach for 2010?

Will there be more than 8 team?
How many will be in Div 1?

Do FFT even know yet?????

Anonymous said...

The Taroona coaching has yet to be confirmed at this stage will there be a return of the mastermind and leader Matthew Rhodes at the helm. Not only did he keep them up but showed he had what it takes for these teams in the highest level. Walter have you got any records or photos on how many best and fairest Matthew Rhodes won I head he won a stack of these prizes can you confirm please Walter. Not only a good coach but highly decorated and entertaining goal keeper one of the best this state has seen in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha anonymous, sometimes what looks good on the surface is rotten inside.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Matthew Rhodes leave Taroona mid season?
Why would they want him back?

yellow and black said...

When you win that many best and fairest in this state and read the game the way that man does its any wonder that not all clubs have approached him. A tactical but smart approach was what helped him save taroona

Blonde Bomber said...

The club is in a rebuilding phase yellow and black and some old heads bought back may be the key for taroona. What ever happened to Kurt de jong? He was quick and both clinical they will want to snap him up next season

Anonymous said...

Kurt de Jong's clinical finishing netted Taroona bags of goals of course... rumour is they'll have to buy him a new x-box before he makes a return though.

As for Rhodes... I think Taroona realised that being made to wear suits to games doesn't win you matches.

Southern said...

Kurt was at Beachside (sometimes) this year. Looks like he enjoyed the schnitzels after training :-)

Farina has been freed up by Brisbane to possibly coach Taroona....but they would definately say no to him in favour of Rhodes.

Apparently Dwight Yourke was actually in Oz talking to taroona but also took time to visit Sydney FC. Rumours of Kurt's availability scared him off however.

Anonymous said...

Alex Edwards defending his position in the team scared Yorke off Southern

Anonymous said...

Surely Taroona will stick with Ben Horgan?
He's got them promoted and deserves the opportunity at Premier Level.

Maybe Rhodes will be at Kingborough?

Unknown said...

Happy 16th Birthday Jayden!!

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure everyone know that kingborough will have a pannel of coaches! as for stupid rumors please try to make the realisic!!