Thursday, March 28, 2019

Is Tasmanian women's football crumbling?

What is happening in women’s football in Tasmania?

We seem to be lurching from crisis to crisis, which is not exactly putting the sport in a good light.

South Hobart has now withdrawn from the Southern Women’s Championship for the current season.

This follows the withdrawal of Taroona and Launceston City from the Women’s Super League state-wide competition.

There will now be only six teams in the Southern Championship, the same as in the Women’s Super League.

The southern competition will now feature Beachside, Hobart Zebras, Kingborough Lions United, Olympia Warriors, Taroona and University.

Football Tasmania will release a new roster shortly.

This weekend’s games will go ahead, but University will be idle as they now have a bye.

The results of games that have been played will count and be weaved into the new roster (I don’t know how).

And, we wonder why some women are switching to AFL.

Raising the profile of women’s football was one of the major strategic aims of Football Tasmania.

New women’s development officer Debbie Banks will have to try and pull a rabbit out of a hat, I reckon.


Anonymous said...

So how does this work that South Hobart get a grant for Women's football and have no women?

Will this be looked at money given to a more deserving club with a thriving women's football program?

Anonymous said...

"Is Tasmanian women's football crumbling?"


Anonymous said...

What grant was this?

Unknown said...

Ask Mr Edwards and co.

Anonymous said...

Are there any repercussions for South Hobart dropping out after the league has started?

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest, AFL have their sh*&^t together & have a much better pathway set up leading up to the AFLW & will only get stronger.

Charles Calthrop said...

FFT and Olympia have a lot to answer for with what they did when the FFT girls all shifted there on mass a couple of years ago and then FFT let the club break the rules. It was only the pressure from the other clubs that saw them finally penalise late. That's where the mess started and it's still a mess. It didn't many of those girls still play here