Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sanders hits five as Zebras stampede home against Clarence

Photo:  Jayden Hey (No.3) and Mathew Sanders celebrate another Sanders goal [PlessPix]

(NPL Tasmania, KGV Park, Thursday, 7 March 2019)

Hobart Zebras 9 (M Sanders 12, 30, 52, 70, 86, M Pace 53, 67, N Edwards 62, 77)
Clarence United 0

HT:  2-0   Att:  200   Ref:  J Hamilton

Hobart Zebras:  Whatman;  Charuza, Dillon, Edwards, Hey, Huigsloot, Little, Muller, Pace, Sanders, Yonezawa  9Subs:  Ackerley, Burt, Fagg, McKeown, Reid)

Clarence United:  French;  Hatcher, Hedge, Kannegiesser, Kunwar, Lush, Price, Smith, Snell, Voss, Wilcock  (Subs:  Amani, Downham, Houston, Marsh, Randall)

Photo:  Mathew Sanders on target with a header [PlessPix]

Mathew Sanders, Hobart Zebras’ weekly fly-in from Melbourne, scored five goals tonight as his side demolished Clarence United 9-0 at KGV Park.

The win, which was the first league match of the season for both teams, puts Zebras at the top of the NPL Tasmania ladder on goal-difference from Olympia Warriors and South Hobart, who both also have 3 points.

South Hobart have played two games, however, for one win and one loss.

Zebras led 2-0 at half-time through goals by Sanders in the 12th and 30th minutes.

Photo:  Zebras skipper Mathew Sanders shields the ball from Clarence's Mitchell Voss [PlessPix]

Zebras coach David Smith changed his formation to 4-4-2 for the second half and they rattled home seven more goals against a Clarence side that didn’t manage a shot at goal.

Sanders completed his hat-trick in the 52nd minute, while Matthew Pace netted Zebras’ fourth goal a minute later with a deft header.

Nicky Edwards made it 5-0 in the 62nd minute, while Pace completed his brace five minutes later.

Sanders netted his fourth goal in the 70th minute as Clarence collapsed.

Photo:  Zebras' Nicky Edwards contests a header with Clarence's Chris Kannegiesser [PlessPix]

Edwards scored his side’s eighth goal and completed his brace in the 77th minute, and Sanders netted his fifth four minutes from the end to make it 9-0.

Smith praised the contribution of Sanders and said he had trained pre-season with Avondale and had shown he is a proven finisher.

Smith said his side should be in the top four or five clubs this season and that if teams gave his players room, they would score, as was the case in this match.

Photo:  Zebras celebrate another goal [PlessPix]

Hobart Zebras coach, David Smith, said:

“I’m pleased, but they made us work hard.  We were poor in the first half.  We just tried to force it a little bit and it didn’t quite work.

“We made a few changes and opened it up a little in the second half.  The longer it went, the boys became more comfortable and played the ball around better than we had been doing, so yes, I was pretty happy in the end.

“We made a few changes in the last 15 minutes, but the focus was always to keep on going.

“Jayden [Hey] going out wide gave us a huge amount of emphasis going forward and Pace up front was good.”

Photo:  Zebras' Jan Charuza climbs to win a header [PlessPix]

Clarence United coach, Warren Burt, said:

It was a really hard game to come up against a quality side like Zebras.  The boys put up a good effort in the first half.

“In the second half, fatigue probably set in and they just couldn’t go with them in the second half.

“It’s a challenge and I think the players are appreciating the new structure and how we’re playing the game and it’s just a matter of getting the combinations right now, and a bit more fitness.

“We’ve got some good players to come back in.  We had a couple of really good players out tonight and we’ve got another one coming from overseas so the team will be strengthened.”

Photo:  Two versus one in today's match [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Got some good players to come in think you need Jake pulled some great saves off feel for him badly needs players in front of him

Anonymous said...

Great photos do Football Tas have a photographer never see them at games!

Anonymous said...

I believe Hobart Zebras have a new Photographer her work is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous that a team concedes 9 goes in what is meant to be Tasmania's elite league. Not a great start. I wonder how many more goal sprees the season will bring. If you don't know how to defend - you shouldn't be playing at this level....otherwise it casts major doubt on the quality of the league - let alone the coaching.

Anonymous said...

What a joke! Sorry but Clarence need to go. Some comments by some coaches are absolutely astounding. They must be living in another world. Some clubs at the bottom of the league need a serious wake up call before they waste another season doing the same old thing that they have done which does not work.
They need to adopt some characteristics / attitude of the more successful clubs who seem to have their finger on the pulse and know what is required . South have already picked up an import player from another club. Why? They seem to keep attracting players. The reasons are obvious but why do other clubs lose players so early before the season even starts ?

Anonymous said...

Football Tasmania appoint their photographer to games. It is not a case of the photographer rocking up to games they choose to do. You pay for quality.