Friday, June 14, 2019

Lions easily down lack-lustre Zebras

Photo:  Zebras' Nicky Edwards (left) shields the ball from Kingborough's Horatio Gutierrez Jr [PlessPix]

(NPL Tasmania, KGV Park, Friday, 14 June 2019)

Hobart Zebras 1 (M Sanders 35 pen)
Kingborough Lions United 2 (H Gutierrez Jr 20, 22)

HT:  1-2   Att:  100   Ref:  S Plomaritis

Hobart Zebras:  Reid  -  Little, Charuza, Fagg  -  Yonezawa, Muller  -  Walsh, Edwards, Dillon  -  Pace, Sanders  (Subs:  McKeown, Huigsloot, Ackerley, Jones, Plunkett-Smith)

Kingborough Lions United:  Perkinson  -  Douce, Cuthbertson, Cowen, Sammut  -  Steele, Downes, Gutierrez Jr  -  Hall, Turner, Allan  (Subs:  Easton, Hayers, McDonald, Smithies-Sharples, Zammit)

Photo:  Kingborough's Jack Turner (left) tries to keep pace with Zebras' Riley Dillon [PlessPix]

Kingborough Lions United moved up a place to sixth on the NPL Tasmania standings with this 2-1 away win over fourth-placed Hobart Zebras at KGV Park tonight.

It was the second win from three outings for Kingborough’s new coach, Jez Kenth, who appears to have stabilised things and turned the ship around since taking over.

Hobart Zebras, on the other hand, appear dead in the water.  They have three clubs breathing down their necks and, if they don’t improve, they will be lucky to finish in the top-four.

Kingborough’s American import, Horatio Gutierrez Jr  -  one of three at the club  -  put in an impressive performance characterised by deadly finishing and a high work rate.

Photo:  Kingborough's Horatio Gutierrez Jr (left) tackles Zebras' Henry Fagg [PlessPix]

He opened the scoring in the 20th minute by smashing home an unstoppable volley inside the near right-hand post from just inside the box.

Two minutes later, Gutierrez Jr produced a spectacular overhead scissors kick to connect with Brayton Allan’s left-wing cross and send the ball into the roof of the net.

Kingborough might have scored after just a quarter of an hour, but Zebras keeper Nathan Reid, making his starting debut, saved brilliantly from Danny Cowen.

Ten minutes before the interval, Zebras got back into contention through a Mathew Sanders penalty, awarded for a push on Sanders on the right-hand side of the box.

The Lions had the measure of Zebras throughout.  They defended stoutly and intelligently and maintained their compactness and shape at all times.

Photo:  Kingborough's Nick Cuthbertson tightly marks Zebras' Mathew Sanders [PlessPix]

They pressed continuously and Zebras were unable to open up passing channels and feed their front men.

Sanders was closely watched by up to three defenders at times, which makes one wonder where Zebras’ free players were.

Both sides could have added to their tallies in the second half.

Sanders clipped the outside of the right-hand post with a shot from range for Zebras, while the miss of the evening went to Allan, who got onto the end of substitute Nick Zammit’s low cross from the byeline on the right, only to send the ball over the bar from 2 metres out.

Kingborough blotted their copybook at the end when Joel Sammut collected two yellow cards in quick succession and was sent off.

Photo:  Kingborough's Cameron Steele (left) looks for a pass as Zebras' Nicky Edwards shadows him [PlessPix]

Hobart Zebras captain, Mathew Sanders, said:

“[We went wrong] everywhere.  Attitude.  People just aren’t rocking up.  To be honest, we’re not good enough.

“We’re a mid-table team and that’s probably the best we are at the moment.  That’s putting it pretty simply.

“They did defend well, but we didn’t attack.  In the first half, we probably sat eight behind the ball, the same as in the Olympia game, and we had no structure and we didn’t play to the game plan we worked on at training last night.  People just want to do their own thing.

“If you don’t work as a team, you’re going to get anywhere.

“Words mean nothing if you don’t back it up with actions.  You may as well not be here.  We need to be more professional and people need to train if they want to be there.”

Photo:  Kingborough's Danny Cowen heads clear [PlessPix]

Kingborough Lions United coach, Jez Kenth, said:

“I was happy with the performance more than anything else.  I thought in the first half, especially, we were all over them.  They must have had one shot and that was the penalty.  We had numerous shots and out shape was beautiful today and we’re starting to see what we’re trying to put into place for the future.

“The boys worked hard and they know that if they don’t work hard they won’t be part of the team.  They have to earn their spot and I’m trying to create some competition there.”

Photo:  Kingborough's Nick Cuthbertson and Zebras' Mathew Sanders in a heading duel in midfield [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Makes a difference having the right coach go Boro & Jez

Anonymous said...

Another season wasted for Zebras. And money. Every year they start well and finish mid table. It happens year in year out.
First half they invited Boro to attack by dropping off too deep and they were punished. They made The opposition look good.
Finally at Boro a coach who has the balls to put players in positions where they are more suited than positions the players prefer and
drop players who are not to.standard. When the opposition dont turn up then you get a result.
David S must be fuming. Zebras need a clean out . This year it has been proved again they are not title contenders. Far from it.
Trying to play out fro the back when you are being pressed is silly especially with a young keeper who was continually being put
under pressure by their most experienced CB.
Last night they would have been better just hoofing it long rather than invite pressure when there is no need.
Good luck for the rest of the season. You will need it.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Lions beating the Zebras last season 5-0 with 1/3 of the quality of players that is there now. Did they have the right coach last season as well ? 1 win against a team new to the comp and them only registering 1 win - is not a premiership and a win against a team that is playing bad is not the FFA cup victory. Don't get carried away dreamer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.05.
Stop beating your own drum Broady.
There are reasons why last years team was 1/3 the quality
of the current one as you suggest. There are reasons why that was the case
but I doubt it was 1/3 the quality of the current squad.
I do agree with you though that 1 win against a team that
should be near the top is not enough to crow about.
However when wins are few and far between people tend to get excited

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to burst your bubble Anon 6.05. My name is Jason not Broady thank you and I have been a supporter of the Lions when they were called Calies, so get your fact right. Plus I know more about my club than you blowins thank you. I will always ROAR WITH PRIDE..

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.19 . Calies I do have some respect for. Decent club with decent people and
had great sides in the 80’s. Let’s leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

2 out of three aint bad for Jez, the one he lost was only by the odd goal to the ladder leaders.
Credit to the new coach who has made some big changes to style and positional play. It seems to be working at this stage.
Lions are never going to challenge for the championship this season, but they can be a pain in the side of teams vying for the top three.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.34 am. You suggesting they will be challenging for title next year then ?
They should be a pain in the arse for all teams not just those in top 3 otherwise it’s a waste of time them being in the league
as it has been for a while . If they don’t improve their squad they will continue to struggle though.
If you think you are on the right track and just stay stay there you will get run over.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to read my post again, I never suggested the Lions would be challenging for the title. I only said that the new coach has made a good start and should get credit for that.
By your argument there are 14 teams in the EPL that are wasting their time. How many in Germany and Spain?
We shouldn't judge a side by the past only how they are doing now. As long as the right decisions are being made now can the future improve.

Anonymous said...

12.51. Read my comment and your comment again also . I asked if you meant that they would be challenging for the title next year because you stated they would not be challenging this year. That’s a fair enough question . Don’t get so defensive.
Please don’t try and compare EPL etc with our league.
There are no clubs in any leagues that you mentioned that have any resemblance to Boro.
Sorry but that is fact.

Anonymous said...

Now who is being defensive?

Anonymous said...

8.41. No not being defensive . Just stating facts. Just stating facts.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. lol.

Anonymous said...

9.29 pm.
Yes seriously. History doesn’t lie. Lol