Saturday, June 1, 2019

Saturday results - 1 June 2019

Photo:  Devonport's Max Fitzgerald in hot pursuit of Kingborough's Keenan Douce [PlessPix]

NPL Tasmania

Kingborough Lions United 2 (Gutierrez Jr 66, Turner 86) lost to Devonport City 3 (E Bidwell 24, Giampaoli 40, Fitzgerald 50)

Riverside Olympic 1 (Campbell 30 pen)) lost to Launceston City 2 (Sullivan 47, Degetto 72)

Photo:  Jack Turner (foreground) is back!  He played for Kingborough today against Devonport and scored.[PlessPix]

Challenge League

Glenorchy Knights 7-0 Clarence United

South Hobart 5-0 Hobart Zebras 

Kingborough Lions United 1-0 Olympia Warriors

Photo:  Under-18s actionction at KGV Park between South Hobart and Hobart Zebras today [PlessPix]

Southern Championship

New Town Eagles 0 lost to Hobart United 9 (Jal David 2, Mynonge Kamba 2, Riaq Dhieu 2, Juma Joseph, Abel Berhane, Francis Kenyi)

Southern Championship 1

New Town Eagles 4-0 Hobart United 

Photo:  Action from South Hobart versus Hobart Zebras Under-18s at KGV Park [PlessPix]

Southern Under-18s

Hobart Zebras 1-3 South Hobart

Women’s Championship 1

Beachside 4-1 Hobart Zebras

Photo:  Knights in possession against Zebras in today's Under-14s game at Queens Walk [PlessPix]


Glenorchy Knights 6-1 Hobart Zebras 

Photo:  Taroona defend a corner against Zebras in today's Under-13 match at Queens Walk [PlessPix]


Hobart Zebras 7-1 Taroona

Under-15s Div 2

Clarence United 2-1 South Hobart


Beachside 4-4 Southern FC 

Photo:  Zebras in possession against Knights in the Under-14 game at Queens Walk [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Taroona on the attack against Zebras in the Under-13 game at Queens Walk [PlessPix]


Jazz said...

Jack's Back Borough the only way is up with Jez

Anonymous said...

Watched south beat zebras 5-0 in challenge apart from zebs keeper not one player could control or pass the ball to its own player for their age they were bad.don't no what they do in training

Anonymous said...

U 15 Div 2 clarence 2 s hobart 1

U 16 Beachside 4 Southern 4

Anonymous said...

What on earth is happening at Clare Street? a week ago Eagles had the chance to go top, they get rolled 2-1 by an inconsistent Beachside team and then get absolutely pumped by Hobart United. United are a good side but they haven't beat any team by more than a goal or two except for South East.. Interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks in the Champ, basically coming down to Utd and Uni with Eagles and Beach looking a step off the pace. Big few fixtures coming up with all 4 playing each other in the space of a few weeks..

Anonymous said...

Southern championship does not look good 1st beating 3rd 9-0 poor standard

Anonymous said...

Lots of injuries at Eagles to key players plus red card issues

Anonymous said...

I think at Clare st they are dealing with 3 red cards and have lost two fullbacks with a broken collar bone and broken foot. 3 midfielders carrying injuries and I think they have lost a centre back and a striker. This is just what I've been told.

Anonymous said...

Keeper had nothing but his mouth
Losing by 6 goals and still mouthing off to our players
Maybe focus on making saves first young man

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.10 pm - maybe if you turned up to training- you wouldn’t need to write anonymous crap - you especially Knowing how many out with injuries and work commitments- still the club stuck to principles no train no play - plus 18 team playing same time - yet still not willing to train - enjoy the splinters
As parent of a couple of players at the club who has asked the club what is happening , Dave Smith has been honest and upfront - they have acknowledged to all parents the need to develop within , with both Senior and challenge coach working in this area with teams - last weeks Challenge v 18 game showed those who matter I am sure we’re the future lays.
The start of the Technical School and increase of over 30 percent in player numbers this year means changes are occurring, don’t you worry about Hobart Zebras FC we will be ok

I don’t want to embarrass my kids by putting my name to this so I apologise

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.22.
The only way IS up when someone is near the bottom.
One swallow does not make a summer

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.03 You may be right in what you say.However why has the club refused to do anything about development for such a long time. They are years behind other clubs and will take them years to catch up and be a force , if at all. A club puts 100% into trying to win the NPL title for years with no regard for anything else at the club, the result is what Zebras have at the moment ? Comments I have heard from within indicates that the numbers may have increased but the quality is poor.
Numbers is one thing but quality is more important.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:03.

No need to sweat that. I would suggest though that the bar to reach is low if being ok is your goal. Zebras will always be just ok. Like you I am proud of our ok club. Empty trophy cabinate but "hey" were ok!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:50......

Keeper is good mates with our South boys hence the banter. It has been like that for years. I have known him since his early days and he is a quality keeper that keeps them in the game. His performance on the weekend was again outstanding, but unfortunately when 50% of the Zebras Challenge team is unfit and haven't got the stamina there is only so much a keeper can do. Oh and I am a South supporter that would welcome him to our club.