Saturday, February 22, 2020

New club wins on its debut

Photo:  Kingborough's Luke Bighin (left) under pressure from Clarence Zebras' Luke Huigsloot [PlessPix]

Clarence Zebras won their first official game as a new club when they defeated Kingborough Lions United 4-1 in the NPL Tasmania Summer Cup at KGV Park today.

Kenneth Trac gave Kingborough an early lead when he converted a cross from the left.

Matthew Pace equalised for Clarence Zebras soon after, his low drive from the right cannoning off the far left-hand post and ricocheting into the opposite right-hand corner of the net.

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Quentin Parant outwits Kingborough's James Hall [PlessPix]

Luke Huigsloot made it 2-0 minutes later and he completed his brace before half-time.

Zebras maintained their dominance in the second half and Huigsloot was able to complete his hat-trick.

Photo:  Riverside keeper Jarrod Hill saves Bradley Lakoseljac's penalty [PlessPix]

At South Hobart Oval, the home side downed visiting northerners Riverside Olympia 2-1 after the teams were level at 1-1 at the interval.

Ewan Larby scored for South Hobart in the first half, as did Aaron Campbell for Riverside.

South Hobart should have taken the lead on the hour when they were awarded a penalty, but Riverside goalkeeper Jarrod Hill saved Bardley Lakoseljac’s spot-kick.

Lakoseljac atoned for the penalty miss later when he netted South Hobart’s winner.

Photo:  Bradley Lakoseljac is congratulated by his South Hobart team-mates after scoring the winner [PlessPix]

Photo:  South keeper Chase Webert saves a Riverside shot [PlessPix] 
Photo:  Tyler Harrison (right) tackles Nick Naden in a Glenorchy Knights intra-club practice match at the Prince of Wales Bay ground today [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Thought Zebras were poor today bug not as poor as Kingborough.
Could not make consecutive passes to keep possession.
They were lucky they played an ordinary side.

Jason Reynolds said...

Woo Hoo Zebras , I can hear the takeover cheering and thinking what where we worried about ?
Well I will tell you , There was No opposition for starters , Borough could not have beaten their Women’s side
There were 2 players out there worthy of a mention for zebras today Huigsloot who just played with them and Pace who played well, the rest should have stayed home , the midfielders were pathetic , the defence only looked good in patches because of boroughs bad play and there was no urgency to get to the man out on the flanks which were left wide open most of the game . The subs that came on added no spark whatsoever except for a short burst from Snell who missed an easy opportunity to score and those that stayed out looked like they had enough at the 60 minute mark . They are going to be in big trouble trying to control the likes of Ryan ,Nkoso and company
But cheer on clap loudly and savour the taste of a vary rare win this season boys

Anonymous said...

Jason reynold I fully agree with you after watching that rubbish , I would think this would have been Smiths best team available to start the season with a win but god help him if he has not got another 10 or so players in the bank to replace most of that squad , how long does fruit picking season last ? Maybe after 1 or 2 floggings he can start replacing them 1 at a time

Anonymous said...

You are picking apart and bagging out a team that won this practice match 4-1. Get a life mate. Sounds like you are having trouble dealing with having another big club in your neighbourhood

Anonymous said...

Gee someone sounds bitter that Clarence Zebras actually have a good team and may well end up being the best team on the Eastern shore this year.

Anonymous said...

Kingbrough..... well that must be the worst kingbrough team in history. They would struggle to finish mid table in the league below. What is going on with this club

Anonymous said...

Olympia are shaking in their boots. They struggled against Boro Clarence cruised by. Olympia have no chance when playing their eastern shore rival.
I pity Brown after this game. Clarence to beat Olympia easy both in Summer cup games and league. You heard it here first. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

I only saw the second half and the technical ability was not there. I know it's only a practice game and season starts in a couple of weeks so I was expecting something a bit sharper.
this is a total contrast to South as Kenny has been pouring the work and games into his players who do look sharp at present.
If I'm smithy I would start ST in every game as this kid got a good work rate good energy and does try and make something happen.
One things for sure there is now way I would pay money to see this.

Anonymous said...

Kingborough were dreadful , can’t even begin to suggest how to fix that mess .As for Clarence just looked like the Clarence effort of the past .
I think Smith should just do what he said at the start of the merger and Blood as many younger players as possible this year don’t even dream about winning the title and hit the ground running next year with the best of them , that’s what I would do

Anonymous said...

This years competition looks like it will be the weakest one since the start of the State League.
The teams I have seen so far are pretty ordinary. I believe it will be Devonport by a street and then
Olympia a fair way back with south. The rest you can throw a blanket over them as they fill fight out the remaining spots .
And people in high place who bang on about the health of the sport because of player numbers
don’t know what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question do you think the quality of teams/league is better now or the start on the NPL? I'm going with the start as I think the league has gone backwards overall. I think you would find it hard to say there club is in a stronger position on field now than the start maybe Devonport might be the only exception

Anonymous said...

Kingborough will get monstered in the league this year. Lack real experience, composure and leadership. I can't see them finishing above the bottom two. As for Clarence Zebras it will be a year to rebuild and gel as a squad

Anonymous said...

Gee looking at the expert comments from the football keyboard warriors all teams bar Olympia Knights and Devonport should not bother turning up! South and Zebras have committed to a rebuild , Riverside building from within , City relying on imports and Kingborough well they were very poor

Pre season is just that getting players and teams into shape for the start of the season , - obviously from these comments - Zebras and Kingborough just making up numbers , South rebuild , the two Hobart clubs with $100, 000 plus budget going to destroy the rest.

Looks like the coaches of all other teams than the money bags teams going to have to work to create competitive teams - I don’t see this as a problem but more of a rebirth of a State League - lots of Youth given an opportunity to progress - rather than reliance on imports .

Sure it may not be at the level of year 1 NPL but just maybe we get a real understanding of we’re the league is heading , coaches behing accountable - need to look at positives not just negatives , A top 3 bottom 5 , however think South will really surprise , Zebras 5-6 just going to miss Sanders 30/ goals a year - plus young kid in goal and no central defenders long season ,

Plus looks like a number of teams looking to play 3-5-2 - FFA curriculum out the door finally , new rules will make playing out interesting, on Saturday Zebras played every re start long - has Smith identified can’t play our so don’t take risk ? His team got hammered last year playing out - South And Olympia opposite looked to play out every time on Wednesday.

Hopefully this page comments will move on from personal bitterness to real football comments - doubt it will happen but one can hope

Anonymous said...

I note the name Clarence Zebras is already causing issues. In one paper, the writer calls them 'Clarence' in one paragraph and 'Zebras' in the next paragraph and so on throughout the story, alternating between the two with each new paragraph. This is confusing and can't go on. It's a problem with mergers when neither team wants to lose its identity. Why not just go for something like 'Clabras'? The print media would find it much easier.

Anonymous said...

Reply to February 23, 2020 at 10:04 PM

They are the Clarence Zebras mate. The paper can call them either Clarence or Zebras. Would you complain if the paper referred to 'Devonport Strikers' as Devonport in one sentence, and strikers in the next? It isn't confusing. You obviously knew who they were referring to or you wouldn't be on here.

Clabras - lol

Anonymous said...

Devonport Strikers can be called that, no problem. But, what if Beachside and Taroona merged and bacame Beachside Taroona? Would you still say it's okay for them to be called Beachside in one sentence and Taroona in the next? I don't think so. Clarence Zebras is a different kettle of fish to Devonport Strikers. They need a completely different name, mate.

Anonymous said...

Name of club is Clarence and they are zebras as in Kingborough are the lions. If you want the name say Clarence if you want the other say Zebras. like Go kingborough or go lions
go devonport or go strikers not difficult really. Go bombers or go essendon same thing.

Anonymous said...

Reply to February 24, 2020 at 1:50 PM

If Beachside and Taroona merged, they would not be called 'Beachside Taroona'. Clarence ARE the zebras now. Beachside would NOT BE the 'Taroonas'. Again, it can't be too confusing if you still knew what they were talking about.. You keep pushing for that name change though.